Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August Glossybox: Part I

I just got my August Glossybox this morning. It's late but I'm over complaining about them being late - we know and they know that they have to fix that someday. And I have other things to complain about unfortunately.

For those wondering, I got V1 which contains:

Glossybox lipstick
Krayolan lipstick
Sebastian hair treatment
Biore face towelettes
Befine sample pack
Foot bandages
TrendTrunk card

I'm going through this really quickly because I plan on making another post later when the issues have been dealt with. I have sent Glossybox an email with this message and these pictures. I will post the response as soon as I get one with the title "August Glossybox: Part II"

Here is the message:

I just got my box in the mail this morning. It's V1. I grabbed my box from between my doors with excitement and opened it to notice the perfect packaging with the little sticker, etc. When I opened it though, I noticed my Sebastian product was super dusty - simply dirty. Same with my Biore towelette packaging and Trend Trunk card. The lipsticks and Befine box did not seem dusty and were just fine. BUT then I opened the lipsticks to find that BOTH of them had been crushed to a certain extent. They were not "up" in the tube when I opened them but obviously had been turned up while the top was still on. Here are the pictures of my box that I took with my phone and sent to myself just now.

The cap I showed is from the one with a bit more damage, the lighter pink one by Kryolan. The Glossybox lipstick is not quite as bad but still looks icky. What should I do? I definitely don't care much about the dustiness since it doesn't affect the product, it's just unpleasant. But the lipstick I refuse to use, it's just not new.

Thank you very much,


UPDATE SEPT. 12: See my post HERE for an update on how everything went SUPER with the help of Glossybox!


  1. aww that`s horrible what happened with the lipsticks! i`m hopeful that Glossybox will do something about the lipsticks. i have no clue why they would be like that though.
    i received only one lipstick from them, the other being a glitter eyeliner. i am actually quite happy with the box.
    i think some of the products get the dusty look because of the black tissue paper used in the box.

    1. It's like someone turned them up then back down before packing them. Just weird. They should seal their stuff for protection.

      Yeah, I thought it might be paper residu from the black crumpled paper maybe... No big deal really and I wouldn't mention it if it was just that. I also think it would be a pretty nice box if not for the lipsticks!

  2. Simply horrible, but your not alone - my last 2 boxes have been either missing products or have a product explode. Last month my eucerin cream had exploded everywhere and the most exciting part of the box *zoya polish* MIA! I wrote glossy and they agreed to fix it, so I agreed to not make a huge deal, things happen right? well so I thought until I got my last box , this month the glossy box included a layla bijou and Ahava body balm + Biore face wipes, Trend Trunk card, some blister pad, a glossy lip stick and befine samples! but mean while I only got Biore face wipes, Trend Trunk card, some blister pad, a glossy lip stick and befine samples! Missing 2 products , and on top of that the 2 products Im suppose to get for a replacement of July were not there, So I wrote again.. I get a response, not even caring about this box but it said : your order number is such and such and we have your tracking number , I looked it up and it still says OUT FOR DELIVERY! he told me that was my missing products , !! Not fair! all I am asking is to have quality products at least usable and present so I can review like all other glossy members!
    Sorry you experienced this!

  3. very bizarre how so many lipsticks came smushed like that! mine ended up being ok. my sebastian product was all dirty too but i find that happens a lot with the products in my glossybox... i agree it's probably from the black crinkle paper. it's disappointing when the products come damaged... hopefully it will be resolved soon. i know you'll keep us updated!

  4. That is horrible that the lipsticks came smushed. Not cool. I certianly hope GB sends you new ones.

  5. I hope I get new ones of the lipsticks too... I will see what Glossybox does because so far this is just a factual post on what I got and no real complaint. I'll give them time to fix the situation...