Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lady Gaga Fame Perfume Impressions

I will start by saying that I do not own a single bottle of perfume. I also have a poor sense of smell that comes and goes and it depends what I'm smelling. So I'm definitely not the type of person who will "get" all the notes of a perfume and I'm not someone who is experienced in perfumes. I do have a very like it or hate it (not love, I don't love any perfumes which is why I don't own any) way with perfumes.

To continue, I smelled Lady Gaga's new perfume Fame at the store, I was too curious. After hearing about the hype: A black fluid, made with Gaga's blood and semen... I imagined something spicy and strange but it's not. It's surprising how fruity and sweet it smelled... They really went mainstream with the fragrance. I keep thinking of raspberries when I smell it but it's also super sexy.

This is one of the very few perfumes that I've smelled that I kept the paper for and that I keep smelling here at home. I really really like it a lot and I will absolutely have to try it on myself very soon.

The more I smell it, the more I think about it and I think I understand the concept a little more. Fame (not the perfume, actual fame) is sweet and sexy, but it's also dark and dangerous. The bottle, the black perfume and the overall image of this perfume with the ads and stuff is very dark but the perfume contained is sweet and sexy. The opposite of actual fame since we're lured to this perfume by the darkness and we then discover the sweetness.

Anyway... My extremely limited experience recommends you smell it in store! :)

Has anyone tried it? What did you think? Any perfumes you can recommend I try in store (no need to be similar to this, I normally don't like fruity anyway). Thanks!

Regular Working Girl FOTD feat. L'Oreal Color Caresse in Sunset Angora

My 3rd day back at work:

I had on:

My baby AND


  • Etude House Precious Minerals Bright Fit BB Cream in Natural Beige (W13)
  • some bronzor for cheek definition, not sure if I put enough for it to show
  • Lippy Girl Organic Mineral Blush in Tongue in Cheek
  • bronzor as eyeshadow
  • Tokidoki Perfetto eyeliner, very thin line for a natural look
  • Prestige My Biggest Lashes mascara (I must review it, it is so much better than any mascara I have tried)
  • L'Oreal Color Caresse in Sunset Angora, LOVE this colour

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Welcome to the right month Glossybox Canada - September Edition

My husband was asking me how many Glossyboxes I receive each month when he saw this! lol. I got August at the beginning of the month, the re-box because of defective products in the middle of the month and here I am with a 3rd Glossybox this month!

I opened my box and let's just say I'M HAPPY!

Here's what I got:

The product card is off. It normally has typos and stuff but this time it's as though I got the wrong one or something. The card is for version one (Sep E V1). I'm not exactly sure what's going on. It says that I should have the Wella Mirror Polish shine serum and Mirror Polish shine spray but I have a Shimmer Delight (not Mirror Polish) shine spray and no serum. It doesn't write "full size" beside any of the products.

The products: 

Wella Shimmer Delight Finish Shine Spray, 40ml, FULL SIZE
worth: 12.99$

I'm looking forward to trying this. I don't put much in my hair but something to make it shiny and healthy-looking I'm willing to try!

B Kamins Lip Balm, 4g
worth: 5.60$ 
AND B Kamins Maple Body Lotion, 12ml
worth: 2.73$

I just tried the balm quick-quick and it seems very moisturizing but the next hours will be the real test. 

Dove cleartone anti-perspirant, 17g
worth: approx 1.70$ 

NYX "The Crimson Amulet Collection LE" palette
worth: 25$

This is the big ticket item of this month's Glossybox. Sorry for these next pictures being sideways... The program put them that way... You can see that it's book-syle and book-size. It came in a separate box that looks like the cover and the booklike palette itself was covered with another protective wrap. I really love the packaging on this! 

It contains a whole bunch of eyeshadows, a mirror, 5 blushes, 4 lip glosses, a shadow primer, an eyeliner and that beige colour is maybe a concealer, I didn't really check. 

TOTAL WORTH : 48.02$

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I've Officially Started Working

Everything is going well back at work.

But time is limited.

Back soon with posts, I have Wednesdays off for a while :)

work station 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Bit More About Myself

I wrote up an introduction as my first ever post on this blog (SEE HERE) and gave some information about myself but not that much, and I had no readers back then so I figure practically no one read it.

My blogging habits might be changing soon too so this is a good post to let you know about that!

SO, the basic stuff

I'm Candice, I live and was born in Quebec, Canada. I'm 25 years old and mom of two kids, a daughter who started KG (she's 5) and a baby boy who will soon be 1 year old. I've been married for nearly 7 years to my Egyptian husband. We met online and got married within 2 weeks of meeting in real life when I went to Egypt between semesters at 19 years of age.

I normally work full time in a financial institution but I've been on maternity leave for the past 11 months. I am going back to work after all this time next Monday, September 24 and I'm a little bit sad and a little bit scared. I don't really want to go back because I love my little routine with my kids and taking care of things around the home but it needs to happen! Part of me is excited too though to regain my independence. This is the part that explains the possible changes in my blogging habits since I will have less time to dedicate to it.

Other than that, I like to go to take part in activities, go to festivals, take walks. All sorts of normal controlled activities. I'm no party animal but I like to be goofy and have fun. I have a wide variety of interests but no real intense passion which has always been the thing I desire most. I get interested in things easily but it comes and goes. I wish I could have less interest for most things but lots of interest for one thing, you know?

Other than that... beauty related

I've never been very "makeup and beauty" and everyone who has heard about my blog is mostly surprised. I'm the girl who has refused to wear brand-named clothing since childhood and who went from a sporty-tomboy kid and teen to a young get-out-quick-in-the-morning type of mom.

I have to admit that before quite recently, I wore no makeup at all on a daily basis and didn't even moisturize regularly. I had dry, sensitive, irritated, patchy-looking skin and had no idea what to do with it. My cousin has a beauty salon and she gave me a couple samples of products she sells at her salon and OMG they changed my life! My skin had barely changed with the Laroche Posay cream I was using (which is a good cream!) but with her products, it changed dramatically and within a couple weeks I actually had soft, hydrated skin, no real irritations and only minor redness. And that sparked my passion and blog which, with the help of you guys started to include makeup and what is now my favourite thing ever, BB creams!

The thing I like most about beauty online is the quest for a great products. I really really enjoy reading reviews, discovering new products and trying new ones myself. Makeup is not only about enhancing my appearance anymore, there's a whole new dimension of discovery now in trying different things and comparing them to others and there's just actual enjoyment now when I get ready in the morning. It's like a little something I do for me that brings me joy. It's a hobby that has the side-benefit of making me look and feel better :)

To anyone who got to the end of this, thank you for reading! Please tell me a little more about yourself as well, I'd love to get to know you! What do you do? Work, study, stay at home? Are you in a relationship, do you have kids? What brought you to beauty blogs?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fabulous Blogger Friday - Gen with Beautiful Onyx and Mick

This week's fabulous blogger is Gen from Beautiful Onyx and Mick. In her blog named after her two kitties, Gen gives us a lot of great reviews of subscription boxes! Who doesn't love that? I actually subscribed to The Natural Beauty Box after reading her review of this box. I had not heard of it before this! I have also seen other boxes on her blog that I didn't know existed like The Soap Box (check out her GIVEAWAY here) and The Bubble Box and there was even a candy box and a more expensive makeup subscription box.

I say:

Visit her blog ASAP to find out more about boxes you might not know about, and even if you did, her reviews are always interesting. Support a fellow new blogger too as her blog is only about 1 month old at the moment and we want her to stay and continue to share some more since she seems like a really cool person on top of being a beauty box enthusiast :P

Visit at:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Julep Product Lover Mystery Box (September 2012)

I just got my Julep Mystery box in the mail today from Seattle to Quebec, Canada. It took 6 business days which has been typical with Julep for me and I'm happy with that.

I'm not a huge polish lover so I feel like I'm all set with what I've gotten from Julep so far. I've been liking the products they include in their boxes (I have tried the pedi creme, the lip vernis, the acetone-free nail polish remover and the lip balm) so when a products box came out, I had to get it.

Here's what I got from Julep this month:

  • The Best Pedi Prep Ever AND foot file (sold together for 20$ on Julep website
  • Essential cuticle oil (18$)
  • Acetone-free nail polish remover (14$)
  • Lip balm (6$)
  • Reusable bag (Julep seems to be assigning 5$ to this bag)
TOTAL (excluding bag because, come on): 58$

They are NOT meeting their 60$ minimum promised worth unless I add the amount for the bag... It's disappointing. The other boxes that I saw were also not meeting the minimum 60$ promised worth with different products than this... 

I already have the nail polish remover from last month so it's completely full still so this is not too fun to get (I do like it though)... I also have the lip balm but I love it so I will stash this away for later use. I feel that cuticle oil is always useful and I will possibly pass on the pedi prep and nail file to my mom. :) 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Glymm September 2012 Bag

Here is what I got in this month's Glymm bag. I'm a mix of disappointed and relieved. Kind of disappointed in the contents of the bag but relieved that I made the right decision by cancelling last month. I actually really thought that they were going to WOW me like they did in July and that I'd end up re-subbing after this bag but no. This is my last Glymm bag for real. 

Here are the products I receieved and how I'm feeling about 'em:
(the last product I give my thoughts on kind of seals the review for me) 

This is Dulces en Fuego whipped body creme. It smells like butter cookies which is kinda nice. I'm not unhappy about this product though the sample size is a bit small for body cream. If a person wants to cream themselves all up, this is a one-use sample I think. 

 LA Fresh Waterproof Makeup Remover wet wipes. It seems like a nice product and I've wanted to try something by them so I'm not unhappy but again, only 2 wipes... Normally it's a 7-10 wipe package in a beauty box so I'd expect 3 to 5 of this higher end brand since it's individual packaging and eco-friendly. 

Evolvh shampoo and conditioner. I'm not a big fan of shampoo and conditioner because I don't have difficult hair but I will use it on my daughter as I do all hair products from these boxes. I find this to be a very decent sample size at 2 ounces per bottle. It's not the most exciting product for me but it's the one that "fits" best into a high end deluxe sample bag. I also love that they put both shampoo AND conditioner. 

Benta Berry cream. Who cares which one? It's a tiny 3ml Benta Berry cream like we got last month, even if it's not the same exact cream. I hated the one last month, it didn't absorb so it was utterly useless. I will try it but I have no desire to do so. It's a super disappointing sample that I almost feel insulted about! Why send us the same crap as last month?!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Trying to be Reasonable... But: Two Other Beauty Boxes

I'm trying to be reasonable with these beauty boxes by keeping it at 2 boxes per month. I put myself on the Topbox waiting list in June and subscribed to both Glymm and Glossybox. I then cancelled Glymm (getting my last box this month) and am getting Topbox in October.

But now I just bought a one-month (non-recurring at least) subscription to The Natural Beauty Box. (20$)

And I plan on getting the seasonal (non-recurring also) box called Sweet Delight Divalicious when it comes out. (26$)
I've been looking forward to the Sweet Divalicious box since June so I'm DEFINITELY going to do my best to get my hands on one. For all those interested, their seasonal  boxes come out on September 25th at 8am and I read they sell out very fast (I read they sold in 2h last time). They contain a whole bunch of random samples and from what I saw seemed to have a lot of yummy soaps and a few items of jewelry and makeup as well. Who knows what could be in the next one though, but I'm curious and excited to find out.

So what should I do next? Unsub from Glossybox and prevent myself from re-subbing to Glymm until January? That would leave me with these two bigger boxes coming sometime in October and Topbox monthly.

Give me your thoughts!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Style Inspiration: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

I have to admit that I don't even really know who she is but Mary Elizabeth Winstead is gorgeous and has some amazing fashion taste! I saw a picture of her in my Facebook newsfeed and her dress caught my eye to the point of me feeling the need to look up pictures of her.

I love how she tries more "covered" styles of clothing and keeps it classy. I also find that she has a great eye for trying different makeup looks and hair styles each time that go well with her outfit.

Here are some looks:

This is the first one to catch my eye on Facebook

I LOVE flower patterns! 

So classy. 

I love the completely natural look with the pop of orange lipstick. Total win.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit IMPRESSIONS (photo heavy w/ fotd and feat. Glossybox lipstick)

I've only worn this BB cream TWICE and it is my first experience with a Korean BB cream  so it truly is nothing but my impressions. I plan on wearing this one for about 5 days to a week and then trying the other two that I bought to better be able to compare and review them all in a few weeks time. 

Initial thoughts

When I initially put the Etude House Precious Minerals BB cream Bright Fit (wow, long name), I felt like it completely brightened my face up. Doesn't my face look very bright and white in these two pictures below? It lightened up my face quite nicely as well and allowed my face to match my neck for the first time in a while. Shade 2 is the right shade for me but it is lighter than my currently tanned self. It felt nice to see myself in a shade that is closer to my natural colour! I definitely needed blush after applying this because I looked a little ghost-like. I don't know yet about the greyness some Koreans BB creams are said to have.

A little bit goes a long way with this cream and I found it easy to apply and blend in. It's actually thinner in consistency than my Marcelle BB cream which I was not expecting. I have a feeling this isn't as thick as a lot of other Korean BB creams and that it doesn't have as much coverage as a lot of other Korean BB creams. I'll know more about this after trying others. 

This BB cream feels light on the skin.

You can click to see the pictures larger. Note that I'm wearing the Glossybox lipstick which is a nice neutral but pink shade. A nice addition to my lips stash.

Wearing Etude House BB shade 2 (and Glossybox lipstick)
by the window, pretty bright day

Wearing Etude House BB shade 2 (and Glossybox lipstick)
by the window, pretty bright day


The coverage is not heavy, it's maybe medium. It allows some redness to come through and doesn't cover everything. What I can say as well is that this is a very matte BB cream. It really doesn't leave any sort of shine to the face and it makes me understand why someone would want additional products to highlight the face. I also think that oil control seems good from what I've noticed because I really didn't get oily at all. 

More on brightness...

The picture below was taken yesterday and my face does not seem super bright which makes me think the brightness of the day had something to do with my other picture. Still, you can see how matte it is. 

Wearing the Etude House BB, shade 2
by the window, not the brightest day

This picture below is from a previous FOTD post (HERE) and it's only for comparison purposes. I am wearing the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo foundation in light 48. Comparing gives a good idea of how matte the Precious Minerals BB is and also shows that the Light 48 in KVD is darker here than in shade 2 of the BB cream. 

Wearing Kat Von D foundation

Other thoughts

I don't think I have anything to add! I went on WAY too much for an "impressions" post. My gosh, I'm un-shut-uppable!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

L'Oreal (Facebook) and are on my ass!!

I'm being spammed by L'Oreal on Facebook and I'm being stalked by Amazon.

L'Oreal came up in my news feed some days ago asking us to like their page and fill in something for a sample of their new BB cream. I did that. Two days later, I got about 5 different sponsored posts in my news feed telling us to fill in the thing for a sample of their BB cream. Well, it was even worse than that because they made it seem like a giveaway which is misleading since they're giving away samples to get us to eventually BUY it, not having any sort of contest. So I was sick of seeing them and I wrote on their wall and then unliked their page. EVERY DAY after that, EVERY TIME I went on Facebook, I saw on my phone a sponsored ad asking me to like their page, saying that some other friend of mine had liked their page.

I hate how greedy Facebook has become. Weren't they making a decent amount of money with their previous set up for ads?! Now they need to publicize everything other friends like that might interest us as well and spam us with this?! I am really not liking their new sponsored ads and how little privacy we have anymore. ANYTHING we do can wind up in a friend's news feed.

Think of it like this:

- Let's say I went out in another city away from home where I don't know anyone wearing clothing that is a lot more revealing than what I would be comfortable with in my home city. I'm out in public with this revealing outfit but I have a level of comfort knowing that I'm *likely* not being seen by my friends and family and that I'm just out having a good time.

This is the way Facebook used to be. We could go on different pages and groups and write things we wanted like opinions we know our family and friends are not aware of or that they might disagree with or that would embarrass us with close to no possibility that our friends and family with different interests would find it, even if our posts were public.

- Think of this person going out in another city in her revealing clothing being secretly recorded and this recording being sent back semi-randomly to friends and family (and acquaintances) at home without her being able to know what was sent, to who and whether or not they saw it.

This is Facebook now. We have to be careful of what we do on Facebook on any public page or group. Anything we write or share on any public page or group can be reported back to our Facebook friends. I think of this any time I write something on Facebook groups and pages and you should too.

And is bugging me too. They keep sending me emails of products I've featured in my "wants" posts being sold on Amazon. They are full-on stalking the things that I want and like. They're not doing it semi-secretly like other places where ads pop up based on my searches, they are flat-out messaging me with offers!!! Anyway, this is internet now. We need to be careful...

Cosmetic Love HAUL, received straight from Korea!

I was so excited yesterday morning to get home to two packages! One being my Glossybox re-do that I posted about yesterday and the next one being my order containing my BB creams and that adorable hand cream.

I literally ripped open my package with excitement:

Here's what I got. All nicely wrapped in bubble paper were the things I bought and paid for, even the sample packets of the two BB creams and put in the box were some really great samples which you see below that: 

We've got a charcoal pore strip. It'll be interesting to compare this to the Biore ones. There's a mask sheet which I'm super excited about since I've been wanting to try something like this for a bit. I've got two packets of the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit but I have the full size so I'll simply be able to pass these on and last, two packets of Nymph Aura Volumer by Etude House. I'll have to check out what that is.

Now onto my paid for goodies with their box above the product:

I have the Aloe Sun BB Cream by Skinfood, the Good Afternoon Rose Lemon Tea BB cream by Skinfood, the Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit by Etude House, the Bee Happy hand cream by Etude House and 3 packets of Super+ Bablesh Balm BB Triple Functions by Skin79 and Super+ BB Cream by Skin 79.

That's 5 Korean BB Creams to try! I'm set for A LONG TIME! :D

Impressions of Cosmetic Love

I found my order easy to make online, easy to pay for with my credit card through Paypal even if I don't use Paypal, quickly shipped, well packaged. I got my order 8 business days after processing, 7 business days for me in Canada because of Labour Day. Very very impressive.

One Issue

I'm going to contact them about this but I'm not really upset. When I was creating my order 2 weeks ago, I went to see the Missing U hand creams. There are the Bee ones and the Endangered animals ones. And for some reason on the website, the Bee page had the names of the endangered animals in the drop down menu to choose a cream and the Endangered page had the names of the bees to choose from in their drop down menu. I wanted the Panda and I chose it from the Bee page and I was afraid it might cause a mix up in that it was linked to a bee but it was written "panda" and yes, it was. I didn't get my panda and I got the lady bug (from the bee selection) instead.

I'd written a note in my Paypal message about this but I guess it didn't really help. I definitely liked the panda one more, that's why I chose it, but at least this one is cute too...

I'll post tomorrow hopefully about my impressions of the Precious Mineral BB Cream by Edude House which I have on now and impressions of the hand cream. 


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

August Glossybox Part II

You can read HERE to see my initial experience with this month's Glossybox. I had two broken lipsticks so I contacted them with pictures of the broken products to get replacements. The timeline of events:

Sept. 5: Got Glossybox
           : Contacted them about broken products
Sept. 6: Got reply saying they would send a new box
           : I replied just wondering if it would be possible to not get the light pink lipstick because I simply 
             didn't like it and knew it would be useless for me. 
Sept. 7: Got reply saying they ship out the same box
Sept. 10: (after weekend) Got email saying they shipped my replacements
Sept 12: Got replacement box. 

I'm very impressed with how well they handled the situation and how quick it was. They sent out the new box 3 business days after they got my message about the broken products and the shipping was super-fast. 

I'm even MORE impressed that even though they said they'd send out the same box, they actually did not send me the light pink lipstick and instead they sent me the glitter mascara! They really made a nice extra effort to cater to my desires even if they said they'd be sending out the same one. 

So in this re-box, I got version 5 (V.5): 

- Befine sample pack
- Biore towelettes
- Glossybox lipstick
- Layla glitter mascara (the difference was this instead of the other Kryolan lipstick in the Nikki Minak style colour)
- Sebastian Potion 9 Lite
- Elastoplast bandage
- Trend Trunk card, already in my recycling bin

 Layla glitter mascara. It does not have a wand like a regular mascara but rather a stick with small ridges to be able to put a coat of glitter ON the lashes and not around them all.

Glossybox lipstick. Very wearable colour, I can't wait to try.

Befine sample pack. I really like their packaging in the box and the samples are generous at 10ml for most of them.

Sebastian Potion 9 Lite. I don't know what this does... LOL

Biore makeup removing towellettes. A product that is always useful. I'm pretty "set" with these things because I have about 20 Neutrogena ones left and these Biore ones now. 

I don't know when I will need a blister bandage but I will keep this as backup for when I do!

I was pretty impressed with the selection in my box when I got it last week but a lot less excited because of the broken products and I'm so happy to have a chance at being excited for real this time! We've got 2 makeup products, a selection of skincare products (Befine packets), hair product and whatever the towelettes and bandage fall into. ;) 

Thank you Glossybox, I'm very pleased with both the contents of the box and the way the broken product situation was handled. Two thumbs up! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

30 Followers - THANK YOU

You guys just made my day by allowing me to hit 30 followers! Thank you so much for reading the things I write. To be honest, this isn't one of those "I write it for me" types of blogs. I write it for whoever wants to read it so I'm happy that this number is going up and I hope people are enjoying what I write on here!

I'm planning a giveaway for you guys! I just need to work out all the details before I go ahead and officially announce it so I need a couple weeks... 30 followers was kind of the magic number I was waiting for to really get in gear with planning a nice giveaway. I'm excited!

THANK YOU again to all of you guys. Keep reading please and feel free to share my blog with others, I love interacting with all of you.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Julep Mystery Box: Products OR Polish

The newest mystery box by Julep is kind of interesting for me. You can choose to buy a box containing only products or only polishes, OR you can buy both boxes (or even multiples) if you want to. This is open to everyone, whether you're on the Maven program or not and it promises to contain 60-200$ worth of products.

I bought one mystery box from them in June that you can see HERE and it was of the smallest ones in terms of value. Still not bad though. I got 3 polishes, a top coat and a lip balm.

I'm very interested in the products box and I might just go for it but right now the website is down (overloaded I guess) and I will decide after I take a look at what exactly I might get in the products box. I like a lot of their products but I don't remember everything they offer so if there are too many products that I don't really want much, I'll pass.

I'm thinking it will be 3 products in the basic products box because from what I remember a lot of their products are about 20$ regular website price like the Pedi Cream that I like. I also liked their lip vernis from THIS box and I guess I still do but it has started separating... I found it that way on my car floor and it had probably been in there for many hot days but I've still never seen this happen in a product. It smells and looks the same on the lips though but I can't seem to mix it back up perfectly. So this is FYI, people who are considering a products box since you might get this product in there.

Are you Julep fans? Are you going to go for it?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Need Clarification

I was checking out both my Maybelline BB and my Marcelle BB and trying to see what the differences were. I'm not very good with ingredients so I found myself trying to see in the dark. I figured I could post and hope for a knowledgable reader to help me out!


Is there a difference between oil-free and non-cosmedogenic? Are all oil-free products cosmedogenic and can you have a non-cosmedogenic product containing oil? Is it a difference in tests?


What ingredients would a product have to contain for it to promote skin rejuvenation? Is that the same as exfolation with AHA's?


When a product meant to be put in very thin coats contains SPF, is the SPF fully active in that thin coat or can they market it as SPF 30 even if it's only SPF 30 when it's put on in a regular thicker coat? (For example  the Maybelline BB or other BB creams with SPF)


What are adaptive pigments? How do pigments adapt to our skin?!

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB REVIEW

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB, 30ml, mine is in Light/Medium Sheer Tint
I've written about this product before and I need to mention my previous post because I feel like a hypocrite for buying and using this product. I really hate deception and I feel that marketing this as a BB cream was not fully honest, and the 8-in-1 claim is just ridiculous. SEE the POST if you want to read it. The 8 benefits are slightly different on my tube. They are:

  • With SPF 30 helps prevent sunburn
  • Helps blur the look of imperfections
  • Creates a natural looking glow
  • Skin looks visibly smoother
  • Compliments skin-tone
  • Hydrates all day
  • Feels fresh
  • Oil free

I hate the idea of someone going into the store and seeing this and thinking "Wow, a BB cream, only 10$. I've heard a lot about these miracle creams and I think I will try it, it has 8 benefits, awesome!" Maybe it's because I've been seeing it so much online and reading that it's quite a good tinted moisturizer that I forgot about the claims. I saw it and it was about 7.50$ and I bought it, thinking it would be nice to try a tinted moisturizer that people seem to appreciate.

Onto the review

Now that that's said, onto the review of this product *AS A TINTED MOISTURIZER WITH SPF*. And take note that I don't really have experience with tinted moisturizers and only very limited experience with foundation and BB creams.

I liked it quite a bit. It's so easy to put on and smooth on like a moisturizer is. It's lightly moisturizing which is perfect for a day out. It is NOT heavy coverage at all but does even out skin tone which for me is satisfactory for a day when I don't really feel like having much on my skin. It feels the same on my skin as my light moisturizer that I would use without makeup. That the only difference between this and a light day moisturizer is that this one has the added benefit of SPF AND making improving the appearance of my skin so I do consider this product a winner for that reason.

Comparing with Marcelle BB cream

The Marcelle BB cream also replaces my day moisturizer like this product does but it's harder to apply uniformly and blend in (though not unpleasantly so). I consider the Maybelline an alternative to the Marcelle for people who don't need or want much coverage and who have days when they want to just slap on something quick-quick, maybe without adequate lighting, etc. and it has the added benefit of having SPF which the Marcelle BB I'm talking about doesn't have.

Just to compare it to my Marcelle BB cream in terms of price, *per use* I imagine the cost to be similar because it takes more product than it does with the BB cream.

Price comparison:
Marcelle = approx 44-51 cents per ml (20-23$ per tube)
Maybelline = approx 25-33 cents per ml (7.5 to 10$ per tube)
but takes about 1.5x the amount of product for a face from what I can notice

I'm not very good about ingredients and all that just yet but from what I can understand from the packaging, the Marcelle BB should have something in it that helps skin regeneration and therefore is anti-aging. Anyone know what it is?

Would I repurchase?

That's a big question (that I ask myself, lol). I feel like I'm a little bit "over" the deception problem after reading about what the product really does and trying it. I will see how long it lasts because it is quite a small tube (30ml)  but overall, I do find myself gravitating towards this product for sheer ease of use and and if a person is clear about this being A TINTED MOISTURIZER WITH SPF, then I really do recommend it.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fabulous Blogger Friday - Sara Hassan

Go check it out for a better look at her website. 

This week's Fabulous Blogger is Sara Hassan of Sara Hassan's Blog, a Pakistani beauty blogger who posts great reviews of a wide variety of products as well as make-up tutorials (and she's really really talented) and some outfits as well.

I discovered this blog during Ramadan sometime which in non-Muslim time would be between mid-July and mid-August roughly and I've really been enjoying keeping up with it. I truly feel her dedication to having quality reviews every time by how she tries products thoroughly before posting about them and I really appreciate that. I also cannot get enough of her "looks", whether it's makeup or the occasional fashion post. Her blog is truly like a magazine with the style of it and the quality of her reviews and pictures.

I'd suggest you check out THIS neutral makeup look tutorial and THIS awesome outfit she had on for Eid for a taste, but make sure to look at her regular review posts too on her blog:

Befine Gentle Cleanser... One word: OUCH

I tried the Befine cleanser I got with the August Glossybox and immediately was weirded out by how watery it was. It's no thicker than actual water... That made it pretty awkward to deal with cause it's sliding through my fingers and into the sink... What a waste too! So I tried to foam it up between my hands and OMG THE PAIN from my eczema (lots of little cuts at the moment), it was stinging really badly. I tried to just apply to my face with one hand and I got some *near* my eyes (not IN them) and it was stinging... I really don't find this product gentle at all for that reason

I kind of gave up right then and used another cleanser to wash my face.

I can't review this product because it seems it was just not for me because of my eczema but I can say that I was pretty surprised in a pissed off way to have my hand and eyes sting so much from a gentle cleanser! And it's my impression that this product wouldn't last as long as it should because of the consistency which causes waste... I'm almost scared of trying the other products.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Etude House CUTENESS

I know I've already posted about how I ordered things by Etude House (among other Korean brands) but I just can't get over the cuteness of some of their products. I have no idea how well these work or anything but seriously, I've only seen good reviews about this brand so I wanted to share some of the cuter products they offer.

Missing U Hand Creams - Endangered Animal Friends

 I got the Panda one:

Missing U Hand Creams - Bee Happy

Missing U Lip Balm - Bee Happy
I read a really good review on this so it's on the top of my list for the next time I buy from a Korean e-store.

MiniME Perfume Mist

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Regular Girl FOTD featuring NYX lip cream

I'm kind of enjoying myself with makeup these days so why not share my regular girl FOTD. They are not special and amazing and flawless looks, just 3-minute looks where I improve my appearance by a bit and leave to go do errands.

My produts today:

Yep, this was *really* simple! lol