Monday, August 27, 2012

The Opposite of a Makeup Tutorial

Hopefully someone will laugh with me (and not at me, but I'll accept either way).

I'm hopeless when it comes to eye makeup. I'm not good at the other types of makeup but I think I manage. With eyeshadows, I do NOT even "manage". I have a lot of eye skin and it's not really smooth. I don't really have any quality eyeshadows which didn't help (they were kinda powdery all over the place) but I also obviously don't know what the heck is happening as I apply it. LOOK AT IT!

The open-eyes look is not terrible. I think I did a decent-ish job with my liner even if it's thicker than I normally might do it ( it's the Tokidoki one from Sephora)

But closed... OMG, I hope someone is LOL-ing right now! Problems that I've identified are: 

1) Seems I don't know where the crease is! 
2) Can hardly see I tried to put different colours
3) The liner line might be better if it didn't curve upwards so much
4) Damn, I need to do better upkeep on my eyebrows!

PLEASE someone, tell me something to HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!!

On the up side, I'm a girl who can still laugh with her really awful makeup (featuring my nearly 10 month old):


  1. You crack me up! I would try using a eyeshadow primer to make the colors show up and stay better. Also with the winged liner, all you need to do is extend the line a little bit after your eye while it's closed and while open it looks great. I think you did pretty good. Keep having fun with it!

  2. Thanks Mona! I'm definitely having fun with it. Now I'm dreaming of the Naked palette, imagining I might be able to do something OK with it. My total life spending on eye shadow has been about 22$ so I'm a bit hesitant! Actually, it's about 35$ now because I bought online 2 L'Oreal infallible eye shadows that I haven't received. Given the name, I have high hopes!

  3. i don't think you did too bad at all! the colours look very natural and i didn't even realize you had any eye makeup on until i took a closer look. sorry i don't have any tips, i don't have a crease (well, not like yours because i'm a monolid) and i don't wear liquid liner. last thing i gotta say... are those your real lashes girl?? if so, i totally envy you!

  4. You did really well with the eyeliner! As Mona mentioned, use a primer underneath to make the powder stick to your eye. If you use a brush, you'll also have a little more control when it comes to where you want your eye shadow deposited. Watching YouTube videos really helps!

  5. Thanks for being so nice in your responses, it's such a lovely supportive community in the beauty blogging world, I love it!

    I've been experimenting a little and I learned that I have weird eyes that makeup can't really help much and that they look better with minimal makeup. In a way it's disappointed because I was looking forward to experimenting but it's also good I guess that the best thing I can do for my eyes is to not do too much.

  6. Watching YouTube tutorials is a great tool. Here is one I found
    Primer will help keep the shadow in place during the day. Deep set eyes need to be brightened up. You have amazing lashes WOW I am jealous!

    1. That's true! I'm much more a written blog type of blogger and it makes me forget to look things up on youtube sometimes. I will look on there for sure. I'm starting to understand what type of eye I have and you're right, they need to be brightened up. They are actually both deep set and closed set I think, just like the woman in the video you sent, very helpful!

  7. Primer is GREAT, and honestly my Naked palette is my favourite beauty buy ever I love it (and my sisters steal it from me whenever they get a chance, seriously, they're like, you coming to visit? You're bringing your Naked palette right?)

  8. I have a primer sample that I want to try sometime soon. I'll be able to see if it makes a difference. I just need to find a way to apply makeup nicely to my eyes because I just don't have it. I learned that I can't wear sparkly glittery things, my lids are just too wrinkly for some reason.