Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Off Topbox waiting list!

YAY! How funny that I called Glymm this morning to cancel and then got an email this afternoon from Topbox that I'm now off the waiting list and can expect my first box in October! Wooh!

I'm really looking forward to my first Topbox, it has such a great reputation for providing great samples and it's the least expensive of them all at 10$.

I got on the waiting list at the end of June I think, which would mean a box in July with any other service, so their waiting time is 3 months. Not *that* bad. I was expecting longer really.

Who is with Topbox? Since when, how long did you wait? Or are you on the waiting list? When did you get on it?


  1. I'm still waiting! Hopefully I'll get an email soon! I signed up end of June on my birthday!

  2. i was lucky enough to avoid the wait list when i signed up last year in November. definitely going to continue my subscription for a long time :)

  3. hooray!!! 3 months is not bad at all. i was hearing 6 months...!

  4. You are going to love it! I'm lucky I signed up for Topbox in November like Helen did because they have really exploded from there!

  5. I can't wait, people are so satisfied with this box. I cancelled Glymm and I'm starting to be a bit iffy about Glossybox but not close to cancelling just yet... Topbox sounds great though.

  6. Haha I really didn't want to join the topbox bandwagon because I was always so happy with loose button and Glossy Box but I decided to put myself on the wait list for May because Loose Button changed to quarterly. But I'm off!!

    My first one is in october too but after I get the new luxe box this month I need to decide between loose button and top box......

    Ah the tough choices!

  7. Update: I just got my 'the wait is over' email a couple days ago. I swear, if I wasn't at work, I would have screamed with joy! hehe

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