Sunday, August 12, 2012

New offer from Julep for new Mavens

I just saw this link:

The promotion is 9.99$ for the first box of 3 polishes for new Mavens with an additional 2 polishes thrown in. Basically, it's 9.99$ for 5 polishes for a new Maven with the code: 2FREE

Here are the colours:

Does this mean that the 1 cent promotion is finished or is it one or the other for new Mavens? I can see how polish enthusiasts might actually like to pay 9.99$ and skip the pedi cream and get 3 more polishes than they would with the 1 cent promotion. But the 1 cent promotion is still a much better deal obviously and I hope it's not finished for potential new Mavens! 

They have pretty good colours available with this 9.99$ new Maven promotion. I've been eyeing Sasha for a while actually and it looks much less orangey in swatches I've seen (described as a cantaloupe melon creme)

Anyway, I'd love to have an answer about whether or not the 1 cent promotion is still happening if anyone knows so I can change my referral link picture on the right if it's not. The link is still good for those wanting to take advantage of the 9.99$ promotion though!


  1. Hmm..I wonder if it is replaced. Too many people sign up for the 1 cent and quit. :)

  2. thanks for telling me about this new promo! the five colors included are all very nice... tempting but like you said, not quite as tempting as the penny promo!