Thursday, August 16, 2012

Naked Princess "Naked Shine Luscious Lip Gloss" REVIEW

I got a tiny sample of this gloss in shade "barely CORAL" in this month's Glymm bag and I've been wearing it for a couple days so I feel I can do a decent review of it based on that experience.

They describe this gloss on the website as: A cleanly formulated, luxurious lightweight, non-tacky lip gloss in eight shades of nude. Contains built-in treatment and a gentle, non-stinging lip plumper.

I can't exactly be sure of the plumping effects because they say that the gloss reduces the look of fine lines and leaves lips plumper and smoother within 5 days and I have not been using it for that long and I don't have fine lines on my lips anyway.

What I can say about this product is that it is in a nude shade, this one was barely coral, that only enhances the redness of my natural lip and I love that. It's the perfect not-too-obvious everyday lip colour that leaves my lips looking made up but natural. This is the least sticky gloss I've ever tried which was great - I could comfortably kiss my baby without giving him a sticky cheek! At first I thought it was very balm-like and that it would therefore react like a balm and only lightly hydrate the lip while looking pretty dull but it is not dull at all. It has good staying power if you're not eating or drinking (we have to be reasonable, it's not a miracle product) and even if an hour or two later, my lips only feel soft but without product, my lips still have some shine! It also smells and even tastes really good.

What I like about this product is: 

  • non-sticky
  • lightweight
  • decent staying time
  • natural but glossy look
  • combining the previous 4, love the formula of it
  • it's natural and healthy
  • hypoallergenic
  • the company's values

What I like less about this product: 

  • it's really expensive
  • the sample they provided Glymm with is very small and not good enough for testing out all the benefits they claim

Final thoughts

I really enjoy this gloss. It's so natural feeling and glossy-but-natural looking and is formulated without all sorts of crap (parabens, sulfates, etc.). I would expect a higher price tag than a regular gloss for these reasons and I'd be willing to pay it. However, I feel like the gloss goes a bit over the price increase I'd be willing to pay for the amount we get for the price. The price is 26$ is 2.96ml. That's almost 10$ per ml! I would expect a decent 5-10ml quantity for this price. 

A few examples of gloss/plumper costs from the Sephora website: 

NARS = 24$ for 8.5ml (gloss)
Dior = 30$ for 4.4ml (gloss) or 30$ for 5.9ml (lip plumper)
Urban Decay = 19$ for 10ml (gloss)
TheBalm = 15$ for 7.4ml
Yves Saint Laurent = 32$ for 5.9ml (gloss)

I haven't tried any of these but they are considered good brands that are higher end and they are all less expensive than this one. Dior's gloss is the most expensive of my examples and it's 6.80$/ml for the gloss versus 8.78$ for the Naked Princess. 

Bottom line: If price is not an issue for you, I definitely recommend this gloss. I quite love it. If you're concerned about getting a good deal, this might not be for you. I will consider buying it with the use of my Glymm credit points. 


  1. I found it to be a good gloss as well. Non goopy is good LOL. I have only tried it for one day though. If it was cheaper I would probably consider it. And you also have to factor tax and shipping on top of that price. So really expensive. BTW Great review.

  2. I just simulated buying it and encountered a couple problems. First, they say on my online product card that I can get free shipping but even without applying any Glymm points they are not making it free. If I quickly checked out without looking and wasn't much of a noticer, I'd be paying that extra 5.95$.

    Second was that when using Glymm points, the 10$ rebate is written like any normal place, after the price of 26$ and before the tax and shipping, BUT they actually charge tax on top of the FULL PRICE AND SHIPPING! Then take the 10$ off. I'm sorry but that's misleading and wrong.

    They cannot charge tax on shipping costs, can they?! And they cannot charge tax on an amount we're not paying, right (like that 10$ off). It's not 10$ off if they set it up that way. There's a difference of 2.40$ (for me in Quebec) if they are charging the tax that way and it might not seem like much, but it makes it a 7.60$ rebate and when you say 10$ that's false advertisement. And they have the guts to set it up in a misleading way at checkout!