Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation IMPRESSIONS

**** I have to start by saying that I have pretty much no experience with foundation. I have only owned one foundation tube and that was the one I showed in my makeup stash post by Mabelline and I have worn foundation over my entire face only a handful of times in my life. So I don't have much to compare this product to. I also have to say that this is just about my impressions after ONE use. ****

I received a sample of the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation from my purchase at Sephora's, which came in my perfect shade (Light 48, I don't think I even selected a shade) and I tried it out today for a day at the zoo with the kids. I wouldn't normally put foundation on for this type of event but I figured it would give me a sense of how long-lasting the product really is to be out all day running around and pushing the stroller and carrying the baby, etc.


I tried to use as little as possible while covering my entire face. It was a bit more difficult to blend than my Marcelle BB cream but I didn't find it too difficult and it went well. I used my fingers but used a slightly wet makeup sponge at the end to just make sure things were completely blended because I have a fear of foundation lines. 


This product *should* be unscented but to me it smells just awful! This was the negative aspect of my experience with the foundation... I didn't enjoy putting it on because it was just not smelling good at all. I've had this happen to me with another well-liked unscented product before (the Neutrogena natural makeup removing cleanser) and I don't understand why. Is there something I can smell that others can't? 

Feel on the skin

I found it very light on the skin throughout the day. The one thing I thought though was that it's maybe a bit drying for the face so it might prevent a person from wanting to wear this every day. I think it might require a couple days off here and there.


Just from applying it in the morning, I could tell this would be long-lasting. I had trouble getting it off my hands! I had some between my nail and skin and water and soap did not remove it from there, I actually had to physically scrape it out. 

And after the entire day out and about, my face still looked great and made up. It wasn't the hottest day ever so it's not like I'd been sweating through the stuff all day, but I probably touched my face a lot and I got some water mist on my face. 

When I came to wash my face and I wet it before cleaning, it *felt* like it wasn't gonna come off easily just with water. 

Final Thoughts

I kind of loved this foundation! It's the type of thing I would want to have on my face for any special type of occasion because of how great it makes the skin look with its high coverage and long-lasting power. It really did make my skin look pretty amazing, I could tell the difference between this and my Marcelle BB Cream's coverage. I felt ready for a photo-shoot! 

I invite you guys to check out a post by a (Canadian) blogger I just discovered tonight who just reviewed this same product and has BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES! :) 
Her experience was similar to mine and her post comes with pictures so it's more complete than my quick-quick impressions review. 


  1. aww i'm so sad i didn't receive this with my order (even though i requested it). sounds like it was really awesome! it's good to hear that it is long-lasting and provides a good amount of coverage.

    1. You didn't hear anything back about your missing samples yet?

  2. As for unscented products, it just means there is no perfume and artificial scent, not that it doesn't smell of anything. Actually, Crunchy Betty had an EXCELLENT article recently on natural products smelling "bad" (although I'm not sure about how natural this is), anyways:

    1. Nice article and so true. But for this product that might not be the problem, hehe