Sunday, August 12, 2012

Julep August box + Add-On

I got my add-on from Julep on August 3rd and actually had to wait until August 9th for the monthly box but still, the shipping is quite decent considering it's coming from Seattle USA (and I'm in Canada). I got the profile American Beauty which is, like all profiles except It Girl, 2 polishes and (this month) the acetone-free nail polish remover with the reusable bag. 

The colours are the following: 

  • Dakota, a rose-golf metallic chrome
  • Stefani, a gold-flecked grey metallic
  • Sienna, a sophisticated gold metallic (MY ADD-ON) 
As mentioned, it came with a small reusable bag which is perfectly OK, good for pharmacy errands or something small like that (maybe to carry a lunch too) and the acetone-free nail polish remover. 

I tried the acetone-free nail polish remover and found it pretty nice! I LOVE the hands-free bottle (just push on the top and the product dispenses and I love that it doesn't stink disgustingly like acetone. At first I got a bit of a vinegarry smell, then it smelled a bit like acetone, but in the end it was this almost pleasant, soft, almost powdery smell. I wouldn't pay 14$ for 118ml (same size as my small acetone bottle that cost maybe 2.00$) but it's a cool product that I'm happy to have tried and with my nail polish habits, it will last me a while!

As far as the nail polishes go, I'm still sucking at nail polish application and I'm maybe not careful enough in letting it dry completely and all that so I'm finding it dents and wears off or chips pretty easily. On myself, I mostly don't have time to be extra careful and wait a long time for it to super-dry and on my daughter, she just doesn't have the patience not to move for a half hour so it's a fast chop-chop type of application. 

I absolutely LOVE my Sienna gold add-on colour. It's so freakin sparkly and metallic, it's like a golden mirror that you can't see yourself in. I can't wait to try it on my own nails because so far I only tried it on my daughter. But I just adore the look of this and it looked great after just one coat. Dakota looked good after one coat too but Stefani definitely needed more.

This box came free because of credits so it cost me 5$ (I paid the add-on) for the three polishes plus nail polish remover and reusable bag so I'm once again extremely pleased with Julep! They have a really great referral program that makes it easy to achieve a free box (1 free box = 2 referrals). 

If you want to sign up, they are still having the 1 cent box offer as far as I know and you can click on my referral link on the picture to your right and use the code! You will get 2 nail polishes and a pedi cream which is actually my favourite product by Julep so far.


  1. I got Dakota as an add on and I have Sienna from a previous box...but I can't stress enough how amazing Sienna is. Everyone thinks so once they've tried it... but when you just see a picture or even just the bottle in person, it's not as exciting as seeing it on your nail!

    1. I was really surprised and you're right, even better than in-bottle!