Saturday, August 18, 2012

Haul! 3 Revlon lips + L.A. Colors eyeshadow + L'Oreal lineur intense

This isn't a mega haul like I see some people posting about but I have a very weak makeup collection so this is practically doubling it! lol

I bought: 

1) L'Oreal lineur intense felt tip eyeliner in black
2) Revlon lip butter in TUTTI FRUITY
3) Revlon lip butter in SWEET TART
4) Revlon Just Bitten lip stain + balm (not the Kissable one, this is the marker one) in FLAME
5) L.A. Colors eyeshadow pallette in Unforgettable

OOPS the picture is not only terrible quality but also upside down

A bit about the stuff

I have will have a post coming up in the next week or two with a quick comparison of 5 eyeliners in different price ranges that I've recently tried and my thoughts on that. The post will obviously include this new find, the L'Oreal lineur intense. My baby ate part of the packaging including the price. Don't worry, I noticed and fished it out of his cheek, he was hiding it for later like a little squirrel.

I read 2 posts yesterday about Revlon lip products and they were both raves so after reading the second one, I couldn't help but go out and grab them. I got TWO lip butters by Revlon, Sweet Tart at Walmart for 7.99$ and Tutti Fruity the other at Uniprix for 8.99$. Tutti fruity was the colour I wanted the most but they didn't have it at Walmart so when I saw it while waiting for my daughter's medication to be ready, I snatched it up!

The other Revlon lip product I thought people were raving about was the lip stain. Actually, I got the wrong one called Revlon Just Bitten lip stain + balm in Flame which is a marker on one end which smells exactly like a scented colouring marker and a balm on the other end to give it some shine. The one I was looking for was the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. Can you see how it would be confusing? They're both from the Just Bitten line and both are lip stains with a balm! Oh well, I do like the one I have quite a lot.

I will post about these three Revlon lip products soon with pictures but one that I can offer now is a picture of me wearing the lipstain + balm in the colour Flame:

We can see my bottom lip piercing hole.

Don't mind the dumb face please, I have a blinking problem :) Even with no flash.

Last product is the L.A. Colors eyeshadows that I got for 1.99$. I only have two eyeshadow pallets (4 colours per) so I'm excited about trying this. For 1.99$ I can't lose plus, the woman said it was decent quality, especially for the price.

So there you have it

Eyeliner post coming up in the future. Revlon lip post coming up in about a week or so.

I'm happy with my purchases and I'm really liking the lip stain for its colour without the transfer when kissing baby and I'm really liking the lip butters for their balmy feel but lipstick look. They do transfer though and baby had some all over his face, oops!


  1. hehe i saw the picture first before reading the post and i was like wow! she is on now on a roll in increasing her makeup stash! yes Revlon decided to use the same Just Bitten name so it's too bad! i picked up the the new Kissable one this week so i am very excited. btw i also have tutti frutti! nice choice :)

  2. I love that revlon stain, use it a lot. I bought so much make up in the US, I keep meaning to do a post.

  3. revlon lip butter is on my shopping list .:-) i like ur blog.i am following you.