Friday, August 10, 2012

Fabulous Blogger Friday - Petite Pear Style

This week's Fabulous blogger is Ellesy at Petite Pear Style! I ADORE her blog and have to say that she is my very favourite blogger when it comes to beauty box reviews in particular. She tries her products promptly and includes her thoughts on each product in her box review within a couple days of receiving it. She also wrote a great post that I have previously linked to comparing the different beauty boxes and it actually helped me decide which to go for. Or rather, convinced me to go for Glymm when I was thinking of leaving it at Glossybox only lol. And I'm so far very happy I have!

Ellesy keeps this written blog that I screenshot as well as a youtube vlog and is the best I have seen in being consistent in both her written and video blogs. Don't we always see bloggers occasionally doing a youtube video or vloggers posting nothing but links to their vids on their written blogs? Ellesy maintains both very professionally and one can follow one or the other without missing chunks of the story.

Please give her a visit at:
Or visit her youtube channel at:

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  1. Candice!!! thank you SO much for your sweet words. what a lovely write-up... you totally made my day. :) :)