Thursday, August 9, 2012

Eyeliner or no eyeliner?

I went to Sephora for the second time (first time being last week, lol) and this time it was to buy something. Actually, I was looking to buy my friend a gift mostly but I also wanted to buy a Tokidoki eyeliner that was on sale for 6$. I figured it was a good price for me to try an eyeliner. Turns out it was not available in store. An employee (what are their titles there?) convinced me to try a NARS liquid eyeliner, and I actually managed to apply it half-decently myself on my first try! YAY

Now, the dilemma is that I think it gave my eyes a little extra something that I liked but I don't want to get so used to it that I feel the need to wear it every day! I don't really want to add an extra obligatory 5 minutes to my daily routine! I don't mind liking it for every once in a while but when I hear women talking about eyeliner, it's a MUST for them. I'm not sure I want that to be me! I want to just keep it simple.

What do you think, eyeliner, or no eyeliner?

Will I want to wear it every day if I start now?

Any specific ones to suggest? Affordable, easy to apply without touch-ups and long-lasting are my biggest "wants".


  1. NARS is pretty pricey for a first time eyeliner, IMO. I actually don't wear eyeliner at all during the day- I will only wear it for nights out on the town because like you, I try to keep my daily routine simpler if I can. I think MAC eyeliners are great quality and more reasonably priced than NARS. I personally have eye liners from mac, estee lauder and LUSH in my collection and that is it!

  2. Yes, it's really super expensive for me so I'm thinking of trying a drugstore brand instead of a high end brand. Maybe 12$ max. I'm glad to hear that you only wear it for nights out and that it works out well for you - I'll try it

  3. I love the look of liquid eyeliner with a little flick at the end but it takes a steady hand and I've had to start over more than once to get it right. I also can't do the liner on the bottom, it never looks right on me. Eyeliner is one of those things that I can't justify spending a lot on either.

  4. i am a total eyeliner person. it is almost always a must. for a good 5 years, i could not leave the house without it. but in the past year, i've been comfortable enough to venture out with naked eyes. NARS is pretty expensive! i've never tried it before so i don't know exactly if it's worth the price, but you may want to try a cheaper version if you want to experiment first or if you don't plan to use it too often and to avoid drying out.
    i find that liquid eyeliners with a pen-like applicator are easiest to apply.

  5. I never leave without mascara...and as much as I love the liner look..I don't have the steadiest hand and I skip it as a part of my daily routine and save it for when I have time!

  6. I wear it probably 2-3 times a week, I love the look, but it really depends on my mood that day.

    Also, I don't spend 5 minutes on it these days, it is one of those things that take less time with practice.