Friday, August 3, 2012

Again: Loose Button

I'm starting to annoy myself by posting about Loose Button when I've never even been a subscriber, but I saw something weird AGAIN on their Facebook page and cannot help myself. They're having a "world tour" and write: "For a limited time, the Loose Button memberships will be available to the United States!" 

Are you sold out or are you not sold out, Loose Button?! What do the words "waiting list" mean to you? 

I'm feeling more and more negatively about this company, to be honest. I don't appreciate their approach AT ALL. If they have so many boxes available that they have to go out of country to sell them, there is no waiting list - they are desperate. 

I'm still super curious to see what people get in their boxes next month. 


  1. I thought exactly the same thing "desperate"! I think they lost a lot of their clientele when they went seasonal. I have never subscribed to them and i doubt i ever will now.

  2. I thought the same thing... desperation. I guess we'll wait and see what comes in the Fall box. I am subbed still, so you'll be able to see that.