Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Blessed Eid to all!

The Arabic says Eid Mubarak :)

Today is Eid-al-Fitr which means the festivity of the breaking of the fastThe two traditional things to tell a person celebrating Eid are EID SAYID (Happy Eid) or EID MUBARAK (Blessed Eid). After fasting from food and drink for 30 days from dawn until sunset, Muslims are celebrating Eid-al-Fitr, or just Eid, which is often translated as the Feast. This is a time that is special in the same way that Christmas and Easter are for Christians so it's definitely a big deal. People try to attend the Eid prayer in the morning and usually spend the day together with family and friends doing activities. 

In my husband's Egyptian culture, everyone is out on the streets and small rides for kids are set up there like mini-carnivals. The zoo and amusement parks and feluccas on the river Nile are completely full of people. In a lot of cultures, children have an "Eid outfit" that they wear during Eid (they might wear the same outfit for the three traditional days of celebration if they can keep it clean) and they are given money during this time. A few dollars here and there from all sorts of adults they might be seeing in the family which can quickly add up to a nice amount that allows them  to get themselves something quite nice or give some in charity, etc. Needless to say, children love Eid (like Christian children love Christmas). 

For adults, the end of Ramadan is bittersweet. The blessed month is over and the special traditions are finished until next year, but ending the hardship of long fasts is also a bit of a relief for most people. They can now go back to their regular schedule and habits, though the goal of Ramadan is to rejuvenate their faith and re-create good habits so the hope is that they retain some of that. 

Hopefully someone read this post and learned a little something about Eid today! 

To end, my message is: 

To all, a very blessed EID :) 

May all those who do good, directly an indirectly, be rewarded. To those who make efforts towards anything generous, kind, positive, loving, etc. AKA who make efforts towards Goodness (people who believe in God can substitute Goodness for God) in any way that you are able to, may you get your just blessing for what you achieve. 

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