Friday, August 31, 2012

Fabulous Blogger Friday - Musings of a Muse

This week's featured blog is Musings of a Muse. I feel like there's no review I cannot find on this blog! It's quite amazing the amount of products she tries out and reviews. To think that she actually does have a job outside of her beauty blog is quite mind boggling! She must be very hardworking.

I love how much I can trust her reviews because she really has tested out SO MANY products that she knows the difference between a good one and a bad one. Her "muse approved" rating is very helpful in being a stamp of her very well-researched and experienced approval.

The organization is very nice with everything perfectly tagged by company, product type, muse approved, etc. See below for a glance at her right sidebar. I wasn't able to capture the whole thing because there are SO MANY!

Any beauty lover needs to go see this blog and check out her reviews. As well as reviews, she posts all sorts of beauty updates on new products that are about to come out which is interesting as well. I originally found her blog while looking for Asian BB cream reviews and I love how many she has tried and all the products from outside the US (where she is) included in her reviews. 

Check it out at:

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation IMPRESSIONS

**** I have to start by saying that I have pretty much no experience with foundation. I have only owned one foundation tube and that was the one I showed in my makeup stash post by Mabelline and I have worn foundation over my entire face only a handful of times in my life. So I don't have much to compare this product to. I also have to say that this is just about my impressions after ONE use. ****

I received a sample of the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation from my purchase at Sephora's, which came in my perfect shade (Light 48, I don't think I even selected a shade) and I tried it out today for a day at the zoo with the kids. I wouldn't normally put foundation on for this type of event but I figured it would give me a sense of how long-lasting the product really is to be out all day running around and pushing the stroller and carrying the baby, etc.


I tried to use as little as possible while covering my entire face. It was a bit more difficult to blend than my Marcelle BB cream but I didn't find it too difficult and it went well. I used my fingers but used a slightly wet makeup sponge at the end to just make sure things were completely blended because I have a fear of foundation lines. 


This product *should* be unscented but to me it smells just awful! This was the negative aspect of my experience with the foundation... I didn't enjoy putting it on because it was just not smelling good at all. I've had this happen to me with another well-liked unscented product before (the Neutrogena natural makeup removing cleanser) and I don't understand why. Is there something I can smell that others can't? 

Feel on the skin

I found it very light on the skin throughout the day. The one thing I thought though was that it's maybe a bit drying for the face so it might prevent a person from wanting to wear this every day. I think it might require a couple days off here and there.


Just from applying it in the morning, I could tell this would be long-lasting. I had trouble getting it off my hands! I had some between my nail and skin and water and soap did not remove it from there, I actually had to physically scrape it out. 

And after the entire day out and about, my face still looked great and made up. It wasn't the hottest day ever so it's not like I'd been sweating through the stuff all day, but I probably touched my face a lot and I got some water mist on my face. 

When I came to wash my face and I wet it before cleaning, it *felt* like it wasn't gonna come off easily just with water. 

Final Thoughts

I kind of loved this foundation! It's the type of thing I would want to have on my face for any special type of occasion because of how great it makes the skin look with its high coverage and long-lasting power. It really did make my skin look pretty amazing, I could tell the difference between this and my Marcelle BB Cream's coverage. I felt ready for a photo-shoot! 

I invite you guys to check out a post by a (Canadian) blogger I just discovered tonight who just reviewed this same product and has BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES! :) 
Her experience was similar to mine and her post comes with pictures so it's more complete than my quick-quick impressions review. 

WANTS - Body by Burberry (perfume)

I don't own a single perfume because I generally hate them. I smell a perfume once in a while when I'm out and about and I almost always either say or think "pueh!" or at the very least "bof". This one, I smelled and actually thought, "hmmmm!".

I tried it and enjoyed smelling myself all day. It lasted until I got home that night and still smelled good to me. I've tried it about 4 or 5 times since then and I just cannot commit. If I was a perfume enthusiast I'd figure I just don't like it enough but for me, it means I like it enough that I keep coming back for the same one.

Has anyone smelled this or would someone want to go to the store and smell it and let me know what they think? lol I'm just worried it's a scent that I see completely differently than how others see it and want to or not, others smell your perfume more than you do. I'm paranoid about smelling weird - I can't even hang out with people who smell too strongly of icky perfumes.

I seriously think I love this perfume.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Foot cream - Julep VS Alejandro REVIEWS

I've tried two foot creams recently. They are:

Julep's The Best Pedi Creme Ever


Alessandro International's Heel Rescue Balm, Nourishing Heel Smoother

What do they do?

Sounds like the answer is obvious but just to be super-clear, the Julep cream is 100% for the whole foot and its claims are to give noticeably smoother feet in 1 to 2 uses. Julep's cream "contains AHA's for exfoliation" which helps re-build and change the skin faster if I understand it correctly and the cream "hydrates with shea butter and coconut oil, nourishes with essential oils and vitamin E" (taken from the packaging, edited to enter it grammatically into my phrase). 

The Alessandro cream specifically talks about heels, though it is a foot cream that can be used for the whole foot. It is more specifically for rough and dry feet. It's less descriptive on its packaging so I'll do some of the work for them. I see in the ingredients list that they also have shea butter and all sorts of interesting extracts (leaf, fruit, sandlewood) but to be fair, so does Julep. This cream has more of the acids in them and I'm not sure if it's the good kind (like glycolic acid which Julep has). 

Julep wins it on the ingredients as far as being easier to understand and feel comfortable with but that doesn't mean much... I'm not knowledgeable enough yet to give a good idea of how good the whole of the Alessandro ingredients are. 

What you should have gotten out of this section is: Alessandro might be more suited to dryer feet while Julep's is best to help more "normal" feet. 

Feel and efficiency 

I liked both creams quite a lot, but in different ways. Both of them made my feet feel noticibly softer and smoother and they both answered Julep's claim to make feet smoother in 1 to 2 uses. The biggest difference between both creams was that while the Julep cream was a bit greasy, the Alessandro was not in any way. 

This category goes to Alessandro for being both efficient and not leaving any greasy feeling whatsoever. 


The Julep cream is a cucumber-mint fragrance. I kind of hate cucumber smells but I LOVE this one. Alessandro's is more of a sweet minty smell and I've seen good feedback on it but it was not that great for me. I find it just OK. Julep takes the round. 


Julep's cream is 22.00$ for 60ml but can be included in a monthly box and actually is the item included in the first 1 CENT box by Julep (my first Julep post HERE) along with 2 nail polishes. You can click on the right side picture link to get taken there if you want to sign up. 

Alessandro Intl's cream is actually kind of hard to find because I don't think Glossybox (the beauty box that included this sample, see that post HERE) sells stuff on their site... But it should be 20$ for 100ml, so quite a lot more product than Julep for 2$ less.

Alessandro takes the pricing round at regular price. Julep takes it ultimately for being available but also for their amazing promotion.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoy both creams quite a lot and was glad to have the chance to try them both out rather inexpensively. Julep's might come out a tiny bit ahead as far as which I'd prefer to use if I took nothing else than the product itself into account but it's a personal preference based on the smell more than anything else.

My final thought though is that for me, personally, they are too expensive to buy full price. I'm hoping Julep comes out with a nice promotion for their non-polish products soon because I really enjoy them and would take advantage for sure given the right promotion. I will write a post if they do. It would make signing up as a Julep Maven worth it even for people not too enthusiastic about polish and they can always cancel after the first box and taking advantage of a non-polish Julep promotion. I might just be dreaming that this will happen though!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WANTS - Naked2 by Urban Decay

Probably everyone who doesn't have this wants this in the makeup world.

I think I want Naked2, but if someone has more experience, can you tell me the differences between Naked and Naked2 and which type of person they might suit?

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Opposite of a Makeup Tutorial

Hopefully someone will laugh with me (and not at me, but I'll accept either way).

I'm hopeless when it comes to eye makeup. I'm not good at the other types of makeup but I think I manage. With eyeshadows, I do NOT even "manage". I have a lot of eye skin and it's not really smooth. I don't really have any quality eyeshadows which didn't help (they were kinda powdery all over the place) but I also obviously don't know what the heck is happening as I apply it. LOOK AT IT!

The open-eyes look is not terrible. I think I did a decent-ish job with my liner even if it's thicker than I normally might do it ( it's the Tokidoki one from Sephora)

But closed... OMG, I hope someone is LOL-ing right now! Problems that I've identified are: 

1) Seems I don't know where the crease is! 
2) Can hardly see I tried to put different colours
3) The liner line might be better if it didn't curve upwards so much
4) Damn, I need to do better upkeep on my eyebrows!

PLEASE someone, tell me something to HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!!

On the up side, I'm a girl who can still laugh with her really awful makeup (featuring my nearly 10 month old):

Sunday, August 26, 2012

WANTS - Physicials Formula 2-in-1 Eye Booster Eyeliner + NYX The Curve

Physician's Formula Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum : approx 15$

NYX The Curve eyeliner: approx 15$

Ever since I tried on eyeliner for the first time at Sephora very recently, I've been "into" eyeliner. I haven't been wearing it regularly but I've been having a desire to try different eyeliners for some reason. I guess it's because I had such a surprisingly easy time applying the one I tried at Sephora (NARS Eyeliner Stylo) and I then had such a different experience with a cheap eyeliner I bought afterwards. I like the idea of finding a more affordable but also high quality and easy to apply eyeliner. These two eyeliners are two that I saw that seem like they might fulfill these criteria.

Physician's Formula eyeliner is a 2-in-1 which is nice, and it's waterproof and smudge-proof which I think is close to necessary for someone like me who might not think to watch out for eye makeup.

NYX The Curve eyeliner seems so easy to apply with its ergo design and for that reason, it seems like a very interesting product for clumsy and inexperienced me.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sephora mini-haul - Online order

I ordered online on August 13. It was shipped on August 14. Then I got no news until August 21 when they told me *again* that my order had shipped. I got it August 24. 

Seems that they ship from the USA, to Canada, to the client. It's a bit ridiculous if you ask me and I find the shipping extremely long for the amount it costs. See beauty delights' similar experience HERE. She was even missing her samples!

As Canadians, we already pay different price (Samantha's Smokey Eyes by Buxom was 6$ more on the Canadian site) and have to pay shipping under 75$ instead of 50$ and we also have to wait this long?! I find the service pretty bad. 

That said, it's still exciting to receive products. Here's what I got: 

My freebie samples. Kat Von D lock-in tattoo foundation. 4-pack of Naked foundation. Smashbox primer.

Anastasia Hydrafull lip gloss in MOI, awful applicator. A freebie with my order over 35$

Tokidoki Perfetto eyeliner (6$) for me and Buxom Samatha's Smokey Eye (26$), for my best friend Samantha!

Thoughts? Yes.

Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss

I tried the Anastasia gloss and I find it very hydrating and to me, feels great on the lips and the shade really is totally "moi"! The applicator is really horrible and I was only able to use it to slap on a bit of product on my lips before smoothing it on with my fingers and lip smacking. Ridiculous idea to have a weird plastic paddle as an applicator. It dispenses the wrong amount of product and it's hard to handle. Hate that part. 

This gloss is regular price 27$ for 2.2 mL which is really the closest thing to the Naked Princess gloss I reviewed in terms of price. I'd prefer the Naked Princess gloss over this one.

Samantha's Smokey Eye

This is only my thoughts on the product without trying it - it's not even mine afterall! Without trying it, I feel like it's a great price for what's included. It has 4 full sized products: a lip gloss, a liner, a smudge brush and a mascara by Buxom. The packaging is cute and comes with a sort of story about Samantha. 

Perfetto eyeliner Tokidoki

Tokidoki products are being discontinued at Sephora so they were on special and this eyeliner was for 6$. I put it on this morning and it's not bad! It easily applies the type of line that I want but it's a hard marker-like applicator which probably wouldn't work super well for artsy designs. It's not smudge-proof. Still, it has been the easiest for me to achieve the line I want so it will be a go-to for me. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fabulous Blogger Friday - Adored Life

This weeks' Fabulous blogger is Alissa for her blog The Adored Life. She's a student and fashionista who posts daily outfits on her blog. She's a down to earth girl who does it while looking simply gorgeous. She has a great sense of style and amazing hair (see HERE for her tips on managing her curls) but from reading her blog I feel her beauty is both inside and out :)

Check out this fashionista's blog at:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fran Fine in the Nanny wearing hijab

Who else likes the show The Nanny with Fran Drescher???

I just love her and this show and we've been watching it on Netflix recently. She went to a fictional Muslim country in an episode called "Not Without my Nanny" and this was one of her outfits (this was the only one fully hijab appropriate). I LOVE this! I'd wear this if it wasn't weird to. I like the dangly things on the forehead, the chest-covering but dress-showing hijab draping in the back and the jilbab is gorgeous.

What do you think?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Off Topbox waiting list!

YAY! How funny that I called Glymm this morning to cancel and then got an email this afternoon from Topbox that I'm now off the waiting list and can expect my first box in October! Wooh!

I'm really looking forward to my first Topbox, it has such a great reputation for providing great samples and it's the least expensive of them all at 10$.

I got on the waiting list at the end of June I think, which would mean a box in July with any other service, so their waiting time is 3 months. Not *that* bad. I was expecting longer really.

Who is with Topbox? Since when, how long did you wait? Or are you on the waiting list? When did you get on it?

Lips post feat. Revlon lip butter and Revlon lipstain + balm

Below: Revlon lip butter in TUTTI FRUITTI

Below: Revlon lip butter in SWEET TART

Below: Revlon Just Bitten liptain + balm in FLAME

What do I think of the lip butters?

These lip butters are a lipstick/lip balm hybrid. I have very little experience with lipstick and to me, this feels similar to the only lipstick I've ever had (L'Oreal Colour Juice Sticks) but I've been reading that the Juice Sticks are also close to a lip balm/lipstick hybrid and also more sheer than other lipsticks. I think the Revlon lip butters are a bit more moisturizing and I found the product to be very creamy to the point of it smushing a little in the tube when I did something wrong with it. It applies smoothly and nicely. 

Tutti Fruitti is an orangey colour that I was most excited about trying especially following what I think was a success with the Julep lip gloss (Poppy), another coral colour* (SEE POST). Looking back at that Julep picture, I can't believe I was shocked at how I looked with the colour on my lips. Being used to lip balm, the Julep gloss was quite a big change. Well, now I've graduated to a different lip colour level because even "flame" (lipstain, 3rd picture) isn't as shocking to me as Julep was not so long ago. 

Sweet Tart is my "coup de coeur". It really is a sweet colour and I feel so pretty when I put on a light layer like in that middle picture. I'm discovering a love for pink makeup lately with this Revlon lip butter and the Lippy Girl blush I got recently in a light pink colour. It makes me feel girly, cute and pretty. 

What do I think of the lipstain+balm?

This lipstain is in marker form. Yep, like a good old scented marker you might draw flowers with. After colouring in your bare lips, you then put on the balm that comes on the other side of the pen-like product and there ya go, it gives it some hydration and a little shine and makes the whole thing look almost like lipstick. 

I like the balm itself well enough and I find it hydrating and a nice kind of balmy shine. What is weird about the balm is that it's just sticking out of its side and is not retractable. A person has to be careful not to apply crooked pressure on it or knick it with the cap. It seems pretty strong and solid though and hasn't caused me problems. The only issue I had was that when removing the cap over the balm, the whole balm came off and left me looking inside at the marker "reservoir". Let's just say it could use better packaging.

I love that the stain gives such dark colour without actually wearing lipstick! It was long-lasting and did not get all over things (baby, cups, towel, etc.) like normal lipstick and the lip butter does. I could pretend I wasn't wearing any colour at all and go on with my life with painted lips. I didn't have any problems with the colour fading awkwardly and making a ring around my lips or anything like that. My lips stayed dark for a long while but I was able to remove it fully with some makeup remover. 

The negative is how uneven it looks in the picture (click to enlarge if you need to). It didn't appear so uneven in my bathroom but I guess it was... So we must be careful about that with this product and it would probably work better with people who have very smooth lips which I don't really. They are not chapped at all, they just aren't the smoothest. I find the colour a bit "much" on myself anyway, at least for a day to day look, but my love for the no-worries aspect when it comes to kissing my baby makes me way to try with a more neutral pinkish colour.

Do I recommend these?

I recommend the lip butters for sure. I think they're great lipsticks especially for people who are used to lip balm but want extra colour. They are pigmented and really add colour to your lips while not feeling dry or heavy. 

I like the lipstain+balm but would not recommend it to people with uneven lips. I love the idea of a lipstain though and I'm going to continue searching for one that works better on me. I was actually trying to buy the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lipstain when I got this one and I might have to give it a try to see if it's any easier and better than this marker style lipstain. Still, I'm not giving it a bad review - the experience was still positive and I'll continue using it. I just can't 100% recommend it based on my experience.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WANTS - Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner

I've been seeing Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner in people's favourite products of the month or in raves so I'm thinking it's good and does the job. I would want to use this on my daughter's hair. She has fine wavy/curly hair that sometimes gets a bit out of control since she likes to have it down but also likes to play crazily (she's 5 years old). It get tangled and has to be brushed out harshly regularly and as any other curly type hair, it needs extra moisture. Her hair is a mix of my oily straight hair and her dad's ultra curly, fine and dry Egyptian (African) hair.

Has everyone reading had a good experience with this product (if you tried it)? Anyone not find this product that great?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Blessed Eid to all!

The Arabic says Eid Mubarak :)

Today is Eid-al-Fitr which means the festivity of the breaking of the fastThe two traditional things to tell a person celebrating Eid are EID SAYID (Happy Eid) or EID MUBARAK (Blessed Eid). After fasting from food and drink for 30 days from dawn until sunset, Muslims are celebrating Eid-al-Fitr, or just Eid, which is often translated as the Feast. This is a time that is special in the same way that Christmas and Easter are for Christians so it's definitely a big deal. People try to attend the Eid prayer in the morning and usually spend the day together with family and friends doing activities. 

In my husband's Egyptian culture, everyone is out on the streets and small rides for kids are set up there like mini-carnivals. The zoo and amusement parks and feluccas on the river Nile are completely full of people. In a lot of cultures, children have an "Eid outfit" that they wear during Eid (they might wear the same outfit for the three traditional days of celebration if they can keep it clean) and they are given money during this time. A few dollars here and there from all sorts of adults they might be seeing in the family which can quickly add up to a nice amount that allows them  to get themselves something quite nice or give some in charity, etc. Needless to say, children love Eid (like Christian children love Christmas). 

For adults, the end of Ramadan is bittersweet. The blessed month is over and the special traditions are finished until next year, but ending the hardship of long fasts is also a bit of a relief for most people. They can now go back to their regular schedule and habits, though the goal of Ramadan is to rejuvenate their faith and re-create good habits so the hope is that they retain some of that. 

Hopefully someone read this post and learned a little something about Eid today! 

To end, my message is: 

To all, a very blessed EID :) 

May all those who do good, directly an indirectly, be rewarded. To those who make efforts towards anything generous, kind, positive, loving, etc. AKA who make efforts towards Goodness (people who believe in God can substitute Goodness for God) in any way that you are able to, may you get your just blessing for what you achieve. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Haul! 3 Revlon lips + L.A. Colors eyeshadow + L'Oreal lineur intense

This isn't a mega haul like I see some people posting about but I have a very weak makeup collection so this is practically doubling it! lol

I bought: 

1) L'Oreal lineur intense felt tip eyeliner in black
2) Revlon lip butter in TUTTI FRUITY
3) Revlon lip butter in SWEET TART
4) Revlon Just Bitten lip stain + balm (not the Kissable one, this is the marker one) in FLAME
5) L.A. Colors eyeshadow pallette in Unforgettable

OOPS the picture is not only terrible quality but also upside down

A bit about the stuff

I have will have a post coming up in the next week or two with a quick comparison of 5 eyeliners in different price ranges that I've recently tried and my thoughts on that. The post will obviously include this new find, the L'Oreal lineur intense. My baby ate part of the packaging including the price. Don't worry, I noticed and fished it out of his cheek, he was hiding it for later like a little squirrel.

I read 2 posts yesterday about Revlon lip products and they were both raves so after reading the second one, I couldn't help but go out and grab them. I got TWO lip butters by Revlon, Sweet Tart at Walmart for 7.99$ and Tutti Fruity the other at Uniprix for 8.99$. Tutti fruity was the colour I wanted the most but they didn't have it at Walmart so when I saw it while waiting for my daughter's medication to be ready, I snatched it up!

The other Revlon lip product I thought people were raving about was the lip stain. Actually, I got the wrong one called Revlon Just Bitten lip stain + balm in Flame which is a marker on one end which smells exactly like a scented colouring marker and a balm on the other end to give it some shine. The one I was looking for was the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. Can you see how it would be confusing? They're both from the Just Bitten line and both are lip stains with a balm! Oh well, I do like the one I have quite a lot.

I will post about these three Revlon lip products soon with pictures but one that I can offer now is a picture of me wearing the lipstain + balm in the colour Flame:

We can see my bottom lip piercing hole.

Don't mind the dumb face please, I have a blinking problem :) Even with no flash.

Last product is the L.A. Colors eyeshadows that I got for 1.99$. I only have two eyeshadow pallets (4 colours per) so I'm excited about trying this. For 1.99$ I can't lose plus, the woman said it was decent quality, especially for the price.

So there you have it

Eyeliner post coming up in the future. Revlon lip post coming up in about a week or so.

I'm happy with my purchases and I'm really liking the lip stain for its colour without the transfer when kissing baby and I'm really liking the lip butters for their balmy feel but lipstick look. They do transfer though and baby had some all over his face, oops!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fabulous Blogger Friday - Canadian Beauty Reviews

This week's Fabulous Blogger is "Canadian Beauty" at Canadian Beauty Reviews. I love a descriptive title and there you have it! She's Canadian and does reviews of beauty products!

I love the emphasis she puts in both her blog description and profile about wanting to write honest reviews of products and her honesty definitely shines through in the way she writes her posts. I also notice that she holds others (like companies) to the same standard of honesty and that to me reinforces the honesty value of her blog.

She is very attentive too in replying to people's comments on her blog and commenting on others' blogs. She's the one who suggested I try the Marcelle BB cream which I'm loving so she was right on the nose with this suggestion. I highly suggest you all check out her blog at:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Naked Princess "Naked Shine Luscious Lip Gloss" REVIEW

I got a tiny sample of this gloss in shade "barely CORAL" in this month's Glymm bag and I've been wearing it for a couple days so I feel I can do a decent review of it based on that experience.

They describe this gloss on the website as: A cleanly formulated, luxurious lightweight, non-tacky lip gloss in eight shades of nude. Contains built-in treatment and a gentle, non-stinging lip plumper.

I can't exactly be sure of the plumping effects because they say that the gloss reduces the look of fine lines and leaves lips plumper and smoother within 5 days and I have not been using it for that long and I don't have fine lines on my lips anyway.

What I can say about this product is that it is in a nude shade, this one was barely coral, that only enhances the redness of my natural lip and I love that. It's the perfect not-too-obvious everyday lip colour that leaves my lips looking made up but natural. This is the least sticky gloss I've ever tried which was great - I could comfortably kiss my baby without giving him a sticky cheek! At first I thought it was very balm-like and that it would therefore react like a balm and only lightly hydrate the lip while looking pretty dull but it is not dull at all. It has good staying power if you're not eating or drinking (we have to be reasonable, it's not a miracle product) and even if an hour or two later, my lips only feel soft but without product, my lips still have some shine! It also smells and even tastes really good.

What I like about this product is: 

  • non-sticky
  • lightweight
  • decent staying time
  • natural but glossy look
  • combining the previous 4, love the formula of it
  • it's natural and healthy
  • hypoallergenic
  • the company's values

What I like less about this product: 

  • it's really expensive
  • the sample they provided Glymm with is very small and not good enough for testing out all the benefits they claim

Final thoughts

I really enjoy this gloss. It's so natural feeling and glossy-but-natural looking and is formulated without all sorts of crap (parabens, sulfates, etc.). I would expect a higher price tag than a regular gloss for these reasons and I'd be willing to pay it. However, I feel like the gloss goes a bit over the price increase I'd be willing to pay for the amount we get for the price. The price is 26$ is 2.96ml. That's almost 10$ per ml! I would expect a decent 5-10ml quantity for this price. 

A few examples of gloss/plumper costs from the Sephora website: 

NARS = 24$ for 8.5ml (gloss)
Dior = 30$ for 4.4ml (gloss) or 30$ for 5.9ml (lip plumper)
Urban Decay = 19$ for 10ml (gloss)
TheBalm = 15$ for 7.4ml
Yves Saint Laurent = 32$ for 5.9ml (gloss)

I haven't tried any of these but they are considered good brands that are higher end and they are all less expensive than this one. Dior's gloss is the most expensive of my examples and it's 6.80$/ml for the gloss versus 8.78$ for the Naked Princess. 

Bottom line: If price is not an issue for you, I definitely recommend this gloss. I quite love it. If you're concerned about getting a good deal, this might not be for you. I will consider buying it with the use of my Glymm credit points. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WANTS - Essence Forget It! 3-in-1 Concealer

I don't exactly understand how the blue and pink colours work to conceal, but it seems it does! I'd be especially interested in trying to conceal my redness. I'll be on the lookout for this product, I don't know if they even sell it here but I sure want to try it!

Monday, August 13, 2012

What the heck, Glymm?? (August bag review)

I got my Glymm bag today, which is really on time and everything, and that's something to appreciate about Glymm. What struck me when I grabbed the box was how light it was... Hmm... Let's see what was in the textured black Glymm bag: 

A miniature sample that hardly exists it's so small, of Benta Berry G-1 face cream. This 3ml sample of face cream is the feature product of this box if you can believe it, they've been teasing it for a week!

It smells nice and seems fine from the tiny bit I put on my hand but I'll try it fully tonight. When someone on Facebook figured out that this was the product they were making us guess, I looked into it and found out that people in the USA got it in their Birchbox and saw that it was 3ml so I was expecting this tiny sample, though I was hoping for much more.

Sample: 3ml worth 2.20$

Nume conditioner... It's weird to get a conditioner sample without a shampoo and it's really not exciting especially since it's not a new discovery, having seen it in other boxes. I haven't tried this product before though so I'll give it a go on my daughter's hair for sure and see how it goes.

Sample: 20ml worth 2.00$

I didn't even know they could put a gloss in a sample this size... how completely weird! The size of the sample is a disappointment but the product itself is interesting. They say it stimulates collagen and is slightly plumping. Their philosophy for this product is that the gloss should be luxurious AND healthy and I like that.

I tried it and it is completely non-sticky and actually even tastes good! It's not very pigmented at all but that's not a down side for me. It would be easy to put on quick-quick with no mirror and still looks lightly glossy and coloured. It's something between gloss and balm but for me it's closer to a balm so I find it overpriced even if I like it. 

Sample: 0.008 oz (0.24ml) worth 2.08$

Mai Couture blush sheets, 2 of them. I don't really know how to use this so I'll see what this gives. It's interesting but again, very small sample. 2 sheets is good for 2 applications of blush I'm guessing? Regular blush can last a person like a year so a 2 day supply is a bit pittiful even for a sample.

Sample: 2 sheets worth 0.70$

This is the sample of the Vitamine and Sea mineral clay masque and it's the sample I'm most looking forward to trying. I imagine I'll get 2 uses out of this but it'll depend on the product and how well it can be spread on the face...

I put my finger in this and it's definitely clay! Very thick and the first ingredient is Organic Dead Sea Mud. Does anyone know what might make Dead Sea Mud not organic? Anyway.

Sample: approx. 6ml worth approx. 1.77$ 
This is just based on my best guess for the amount in there.


Last product is the sample of perfume. I'm just not happy at all to get samples of perfume like this. These are the same types as we get for free at a department store and considering I don't wear perfume, it's completely worthless for me to try different brands that they might not sell here. I haven't tried any of the ones they DO sell here! That said, I do like the postcard they send and what's written behind it.

The scent is called Vanille Insensee and they set the scene:
"He wove through the crowd when suddenly his heart quickened. That scent. It was hers. He had worn it first until she stole it for herself. Now, there she was before him and the magc of years past came flooding back in a moment."

The quote in French really gives a better picture than the English... In the French one, his heart got overwhelmed, the scent was not her's, it was HER. It makes no mention that he wore that perfume before her, only that she'd stolen it from him which does give this impression but adds a bit of mystery somehow. He didn't find her before him, they found *each other* one in front of the other...

Sample: approx. 1ml worth approx. 1.25$ 
(price for perfume varies so much per ml based on the size of the bottle)


See why I named this What the heck, Glymm?? This is worth less than what we paid for it! Or worth exactly what we paid for it if we put another 2 bucks in for the bag. 

Let's just say I'm cancelling... I've already paid for September which I am fine with because I do want to see what's in the next month's bag since I really loved last month's bag a lot and I will have enough time to sign back up if September awesome. It's like a no-lose cancellation for me... But it's one that can help send out a message to Glymm if others are cancelling too, which I'm sure they will be.

Here's a look at the lot of tiny samples that I got in this month's Glymm bag:

WANTS - studded ankle booties from Aldo

Aren't they just gorgeous?!

These are called Frosaac by Aldo and are black suede studded ankle booties with a 4.5 inch heel.

These have a classic type of look and can actually look "plain" if that's what you want when wearing pants but they also have a nice punch of extra personality and style with the studded back that is awesome to show off. I tried them in store the other day and fell in love with them. I felt like a total star! They are quite high for me with the 4.5 inch heel since I'm 5'9 already but I was actually able to walk in them and even found them comfortable. These run small - I had to try size 11(!) but they had my size so yay.

I'm going to wait and hope they go on 50% off or more special next season... I can't imagine myself paying 110$ for heels, it's just not going to happen with all the other costs I have supporting a family of 4.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

New offer from Julep for new Mavens

I just saw this link:

The promotion is 9.99$ for the first box of 3 polishes for new Mavens with an additional 2 polishes thrown in. Basically, it's 9.99$ for 5 polishes for a new Maven with the code: 2FREE

Here are the colours:

Does this mean that the 1 cent promotion is finished or is it one or the other for new Mavens? I can see how polish enthusiasts might actually like to pay 9.99$ and skip the pedi cream and get 3 more polishes than they would with the 1 cent promotion. But the 1 cent promotion is still a much better deal obviously and I hope it's not finished for potential new Mavens! 

They have pretty good colours available with this 9.99$ new Maven promotion. I've been eyeing Sasha for a while actually and it looks much less orangey in swatches I've seen (described as a cantaloupe melon creme)

Anyway, I'd love to have an answer about whether or not the 1 cent promotion is still happening if anyone knows so I can change my referral link picture on the right if it's not. The link is still good for those wanting to take advantage of the 9.99$ promotion though!

Julep August box + Add-On

I got my add-on from Julep on August 3rd and actually had to wait until August 9th for the monthly box but still, the shipping is quite decent considering it's coming from Seattle USA (and I'm in Canada). I got the profile American Beauty which is, like all profiles except It Girl, 2 polishes and (this month) the acetone-free nail polish remover with the reusable bag. 

The colours are the following: 

  • Dakota, a rose-golf metallic chrome
  • Stefani, a gold-flecked grey metallic
  • Sienna, a sophisticated gold metallic (MY ADD-ON) 
As mentioned, it came with a small reusable bag which is perfectly OK, good for pharmacy errands or something small like that (maybe to carry a lunch too) and the acetone-free nail polish remover. 

I tried the acetone-free nail polish remover and found it pretty nice! I LOVE the hands-free bottle (just push on the top and the product dispenses and I love that it doesn't stink disgustingly like acetone. At first I got a bit of a vinegarry smell, then it smelled a bit like acetone, but in the end it was this almost pleasant, soft, almost powdery smell. I wouldn't pay 14$ for 118ml (same size as my small acetone bottle that cost maybe 2.00$) but it's a cool product that I'm happy to have tried and with my nail polish habits, it will last me a while!

As far as the nail polishes go, I'm still sucking at nail polish application and I'm maybe not careful enough in letting it dry completely and all that so I'm finding it dents and wears off or chips pretty easily. On myself, I mostly don't have time to be extra careful and wait a long time for it to super-dry and on my daughter, she just doesn't have the patience not to move for a half hour so it's a fast chop-chop type of application. 

I absolutely LOVE my Sienna gold add-on colour. It's so freakin sparkly and metallic, it's like a golden mirror that you can't see yourself in. I can't wait to try it on my own nails because so far I only tried it on my daughter. But I just adore the look of this and it looked great after just one coat. Dakota looked good after one coat too but Stefani definitely needed more.

This box came free because of credits so it cost me 5$ (I paid the add-on) for the three polishes plus nail polish remover and reusable bag so I'm once again extremely pleased with Julep! They have a really great referral program that makes it easy to achieve a free box (1 free box = 2 referrals). 

If you want to sign up, they are still having the 1 cent box offer as far as I know and you can click on my referral link on the picture to your right and use the code! You will get 2 nail polishes and a pedi cream which is actually my favourite product by Julep so far.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

WANTS - Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

This is a series of posts where I spotlight a product that I've seen around and that I want to try but have not had the chance to yet.

The product I most want to try right now is the Soapwalla deodorant cream that I've heard so many good things about from people who switched to natural deodorants and had issues with them overall. So many have testified that this specific one has changed their lives!

The item can be found on etsy HERE:

Does anyone have any experience with this product? What did you think of it?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fabulous Blogger Friday - Petite Pear Style

This week's Fabulous blogger is Ellesy at Petite Pear Style! I ADORE her blog and have to say that she is my very favourite blogger when it comes to beauty box reviews in particular. She tries her products promptly and includes her thoughts on each product in her box review within a couple days of receiving it. She also wrote a great post that I have previously linked to comparing the different beauty boxes and it actually helped me decide which to go for. Or rather, convinced me to go for Glymm when I was thinking of leaving it at Glossybox only lol. And I'm so far very happy I have!

Ellesy keeps this written blog that I screenshot as well as a youtube vlog and is the best I have seen in being consistent in both her written and video blogs. Don't we always see bloggers occasionally doing a youtube video or vloggers posting nothing but links to their vids on their written blogs? Ellesy maintains both very professionally and one can follow one or the other without missing chunks of the story.

Please give her a visit at:
Or visit her youtube channel at:

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Eyeliner or no eyeliner?

I went to Sephora for the second time (first time being last week, lol) and this time it was to buy something. Actually, I was looking to buy my friend a gift mostly but I also wanted to buy a Tokidoki eyeliner that was on sale for 6$. I figured it was a good price for me to try an eyeliner. Turns out it was not available in store. An employee (what are their titles there?) convinced me to try a NARS liquid eyeliner, and I actually managed to apply it half-decently myself on my first try! YAY

Now, the dilemma is that I think it gave my eyes a little extra something that I liked but I don't want to get so used to it that I feel the need to wear it every day! I don't really want to add an extra obligatory 5 minutes to my daily routine! I don't mind liking it for every once in a while but when I hear women talking about eyeliner, it's a MUST for them. I'm not sure I want that to be me! I want to just keep it simple.

What do you think, eyeliner, or no eyeliner?

Will I want to wear it every day if I start now?

Any specific ones to suggest? Affordable, easy to apply without touch-ups and long-lasting are my biggest "wants".

Problems with the Ombrelle "COMPLETE" sunscreen

Just a quick post to warn the ones who might want to buy an Ombrelle sunscreen sometime soon.

In the Ombrelle SPF 30 "complete" (only the complete ones) lot number 20J10P and maybe others, I don't know, they had problems with the formula and it is not good at all. It wouldn't absorb and just left a mask-like film on the skin that could be rubbed off and flakes all over the place.

I contacted customer service and they acknowledged a problem with their batches of this specific sunscreen and they will be sending me a certificate to replace this with any other comparable sunscreen that they make.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Marcelle BB Cream REVIEW with pics

Boy do I have a treat for you guys (lol)! A before-and-after picture demonstrating the coverage of the Marcelle BB cream in light to medium! I've seen some before-and-after pictures on people who have gorgeous skin naturally but that doesn't say much, does it? So I'm giving you a before and after on skin that is prone to redness AND has a never-healing (under the glasses) pimple! Shall we start with that before the review itself?

Feel free to click for larger size. 

ONTO THE REVIEW - What's a BB cream?

Most of you know what a BB cream is, but for those who don't know about the new must-have beauty product, a BB cream stands for either beauty balm or blemish balm and it is an all-in-one product that can replace your morning moisturizer, primer and foundation, as well as often offering SPF protection and extra skin care properties like anti-aging, pore reduction, blemish control, etc.

The first BB cream was formulated by a German dermatologist for post-op patients to cover scars and blemishes. They became all the rage in South Korea a couple years ago after celebrity endorsement and have now arrived to North America and more and more different ones can be found on the shelves.


This particular BB cream is the first formulated by a Canadian company. It is a cream that they formulated to suit the biggest variety of skin types and colours. It does not treat any specific skin problems (like aging or blemishes) but promises to "perfect the skin to reveal a more even epidermis and well-hydrated, flawless complexion, all in one." A person with any skin type can use this cream, with its "self-adjusting pigments, powerful antioxidants, aloe and chamomile."

8-in-1 multi-benefits:

-Evens out skin tone
-Offers immediate and long-term hydrating benefits
-Protects from premature aging and environmental stresses
-Promotes skin regeneration
-Matifies skin and controls shine
-Soothes and calms skins
-Minimizes the appearance of imperfections and pores
-Excellent make-up base provides anti-dull radiant complexion

It's worth noting that BB creams do not come in as many colours as foundation because it somehow adjusts to skin tone. This one comes in 3 shades. Light to Medium. Medium to Dark. Dark to Darker.

Cost: 19.96$ regular price at Walmart but 22.95$ in pharmacies and other places for 45ml.


This does not apply like moisturizer or foundation. It is significantly thicker but I still manage to apply to my entire extremely long face and large forehead in 1 pump, though I use 1 and a dot more just to be sure. I think 1 pump is about 0.5ml. 

When I first got the cream, I would moisturize before, add the cream, and then add some more moisturizer on top to help blend it better because I have this fear of foundation lines on the side of my face. But that was not the way to go at all because this really is a moisturizer and I ended up having an over-moisturized face! I actually skipped moisturizing for a day to get it to a normal moisture level, haha

So what I do now is that I still moisturize before because I have some patches of drier skin but I use a tiny bit of water on my finger after I've put on the BB cream to re-blend it. It's really not necessary but it makes me feel more confident. 

Does it live up to the claims?

It absolutely does for me! You can judge for yourself, but it definitely evens out my skin tone and minimized the appearance of imperfections and pores. I would say it's a good makeup base. It definitely hydrates and soothes and I can't know for sure about the more long term effects like helping out premature aging, environmental stress and promoting skin regeneration but I believe it.

It's also hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free.


Here's the downer. This BB cream does not protect you from the sun. You will need to wear sunscreen or some sort apart from this cream which is a little bit disappointing. When I think about how sunscreen needs to be applied "liberally" though, I'm really not sure how much sun defense could really come out of the small amount of cream that I am using and I would prefer to use another product than spread my face thick with this cream or risk having less sun defense than I think I have, know what I mean?

Marcelle recently came out with Anti-Aging SPF 20 BB Cream though which could be worth checking out.


I LOVE this cream. What is amazing is that it looks and applies as well or better than actual makeup (foundation) but unlike makeup which is not good for skin, this is actually a skin care product first and foremost! You are looking better AND doing something good for your skin :) 

I've only tried this one BB cream but I don't feel the need to keep searching. I'm perfectly pleased with this product and would absolutely re-purchase. I will, of course, try any other BB cream that I have a sample of and am looking into trying an Asian BB cream to see the difference and I'd do some with an open mind but this is doing exactly what I want and need it to do.