Sunday, July 29, 2012

Skincare Cost Beakdown

*not me*

I just saw this idea on the blog Provincial Beauty where she calculated how much her make-up routine costs. I'd done something similar for skincare before starting this blog and posted it on my other blog but it wasn't detailed enough for a cross-post here so I'm completely rewriting it and updating with new products I've added to my list to calculate how much my skincare routine costs me monthly. This will be an approximate since I can't know how long a product will last exactly and it will be based on a summer routine which might be more expensive than the winter one. And it includes a lot of free products right now but they will last me a long while especially with samples I'm getting from beauty boxes which I'm using (and therefore not using up other products) so I won't count any re-purchase price for these products and they will be noted as "got free".

What I use on my skin:

+Sun protection

Neutrogena Age Shield Face SPF 55: 11.99$ (on special) for summer and more = 4.00$/month
Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen (Sheer Touch and Silk Hydration), 2 bottles (on special) at 9.00$ each for summer and more = 6.00$/month
Aveeno Positively Ageless Youth Perfecting Moisturizer SPF 30: got free

SUB-TOTAL: 10.00$/month

+Moisturizing (face)

Eminence rosehip whip: 40.50$ (I get a discount) for 5 months = 8.10$/month
SUB-TOTAL: 8.10$/month

+Treatments and exfoliation

Eminence rosehip and maize exfolating masque: 31.50$ (I get a discount) for 10 months (used maybe 2-3x per week) = 3.15$/month 
Aveeno Positively radiant skin brightening daily scrub: got free
Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2 in 1 fight & fade gel: got free

SUB-TOTAL: 3.15$/month


Aveeno Ultra-calming moisturizing cream cleanser: got free
Neutrogena cleansing wipes: got free samples
Neutrogena Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover: got free
Neroli hydrosol (toner): 10$ with shipping, will last forever and not sure I will replace with any other toner... 1.00$/month

SUB_TOTAL: 1.00$/month

+Body care

Aveeno lotion that I mostly just use on my eczema hand: got free
Olay in-shower Body Lotion: got one free but will repurchase so 6.99$ per month approx.

SUB-TOTAL: 6.99$/month

+Halfway between skincare and makeup (calculating half the monthly cost to put half of it in the make-up section)

Eminence Sun Defense Minerals: 46$ for 6+ months/2 : 3.87$/month
Macelle BB Cream: 19.96$ for 2-3 months (2.5) /2 = 3.99$/month

SUB-TOTAL: 7.86$

+Beauty Box Skincare Samples

I'm subscribed to beauty boxes now and a bunch of what they send is skincare so I  must calculate these in my costs. I based this on Ellesy from Petite Pear Style's awesome post comparing beauty boxes in a way I haven't seen anywhere else. She did an amazing job in THIS POST where she goes into all sorts of details about the boxes including percentage of items from different categories (like skin care, make-up, etc). Her percentages are based on months up to June and I've only gotten July boxes, but it's better than basing it on one box since I will continue to receive these for a little while. She has Glymm as 41% skincare and Glossybox as 46% skincare which is what I'll work with:

Glymm skincare: Average 4.92$/month
Glossybox skincare: Average 6.90$/month 

SUB-TOTAL: 11.82$/month

GRAND TOTAL: 48.92$/month 

It's a bit more than I was expecting, but it's an honest idea of how much a full skincare routine can cost. And this is with a bunch of free stuff which would've added at least a few dollars to my total.


  1. I feel like that isn't actually that bad of a price to spend every month on your face! haha.

  2. another great post! i think my monthly cost would be similar. $48.92 a month isn't not too bad - it's still under 2 dollars per day...

    p.s. thanks for linking to my post. :)

  3. Yeah, it's not terrible... I think I'm going over in some of the costs so this approximate even leaves extra room for other products like my sunscreen which got bought already and won't need any repurchase until at the very earliest next year sometime.

    Ellesy, I really do love that post! :)

  4. Amazing post! I think i should have my own skin care breakdown... Ha ha! Thanks to you!