Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Neroli Hydrosol/Hydrolat/Flower Water/Distillate Update

I talked about this in my review for Annmarie Gianni Skin Care products which I had samples of. One of the products (product 2 in my review) was the neroli toning mist which the official Annmarie Gianni Skin Care website sells for 27.95$ for 50ml. The only ingredients are "love" and "pure organic neroli distillate". Basically, organic neroli distillate is the only ingredient if we take out the cute words.

I found this ingredient sold very inexpensively in a lot of different places and decided to order and compare. If a 5$ bottle (that is bigger than 50ml) is the same, I would not be able to recommend the Annmarie neroli toning mist at all.

What did I find out?

Well, I don't have anything definitive to share so I won't update the review to add a star rating. I hope to buy another bottle of neroli distillate from a different store to compare again because this is the only experience I have with the product and two samples is not enough for me.

That said, I smelled a difference between the two that, to my inexperienced nose, seemed important enough to not be due only to the different batch (because different batches will smell slightly different). There was a pretty big difference in smell and the Annemarie neroli toning mist smelled a lot nicer, sweeter, and simply more pleasant.

I tried smelling the other one from further away, in a different container, after letting it air out a little... And the Annemarie one simply smelled better to my untrained, inexperienced nose.

As far as how well the product works, there was no difference to me. Both are good products, refreshing, toning, astringent to the same degree. So what is the difference? Why do they smell so different?

There will be more to come on this topic in some time after I order and smell other different neroli distillate...

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