Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My mom and products

My mom is funny. She's very careful about how she uses products. It's as though it's a crime to buy more, you know? I'm sure that comes from being one in 10 children (6 girls) and probably being used to taking products from her sisters for free and overall having some financial difficulties throughout her life and having to be careful about purchases. My parents have been doing well financially for at least 10 years though, able to get a new car and finished paying it, finished paying their house, renovating, etc. but this part has stuck with my mom.

I got her some products for her birthday a couple years ago and well... she wasn't especially pleased and was mostly offended actually since they were labelled anti-aging. I didn't mean that she had unimaginable wrinkles when I gave her a night cream, day cream and cleanser. It was just skin care for her age (51 at the time). I'm 25 and I use that many products, some of which are labelled anti-aging!

She told me a couple weeks ago, all proud, that she finished her creams. It took her TWO AND A HALF years to use up that cream. And I think it might've been only one of the two.

And today, she reminded me of the Quo duo lip gloss I got her for Christmas (7 months ago) that she likes a lot. How it's coming to an end so she's only using it on weekends now. I have to laugh. I'll go out and get her a new one next time I'm at a pharmacy because seriously there's no need to ration lip gloss like that! It doesn't need to last a whole year. :)

Funny, funny mom of mine. <3


  1. Ah, that reminds me of my mum actually. Could be the time they were growing up, growing up with parents who had lived through WWII.

    Incidentally, my mum actually almost ended up being Canadian ;) Don't think I've told you that before, when she was about 1-2 years old her parents were seriously considering emigrating to Canada, but in the end decided against it.