Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Makeup Stash

This will not be very impressive. Part of the reason that I'm presenting this now is that I have a feeling my stash will grow in the next few months and it will be interesting to see what I had when it started. I don't actually wear make-up daily apart from my Eminence sun defense mineral powder but I do have what I think is a small but complete stash of makeup for the times when I do actually wear it. I got my first basic makeup "kit" for prom about 8 years ago because I felt it was ridiculous to pay that much to get makeup done when I could buy all the products myself for that price. Most of this stuff is pretty old, some ancient and a few things have been added in the past year.

Here goes.


I've got :
My newest and most-used product up on top (opened to see the brush): Eminence sun defense mineral powder SPF 30.
My concealer by Rimmel.
My blush by Annabelle.
My bronzor by Personnelle (the Jean Coutu brand). 
My foundation by Mabelline.
My pressed powder by Rimmel.


I've got: 
My favourite eye makeup product from Saudi Arabia, kohl eyeliner powder with application wand.
L'Oreal brown eyes eye shadow.
2 mascaras (and Great Lash by Mabelline and lashblast fusion by Covergirl)
Green eyeshadows by Rimmel.

Mascara is probably the thing I spend the most on since I hardly use it (think about every week or two on average) but I change it often to protect my eyes.

This is my back-up complete makeup kit that I use for the eye shadows. I think it was like 4$ at Walmart on boxing day a couple years ago. That lip crap is not coming anywhere near my lips (I used it when it was new) but the eye shadows have the possibility of being useful since I don't own much of it.


I also have Julep Poppy lip vernis to add to this collection!
From left:
Rimmel StayGlossy (hate this so much)
Quo duo lip colour (sticky but I like it!)
My only lipstick, need to get another, it's almost finished.
Nivea lip balm (I like it)
Blistex lip balm
Julep lip balm (loving it!)
Fruits & Passion Pomelo-Vanille gloss that I got with a complete kit for Mother's Day the other year.


I'm pretty limited in my accessories but I've got 2 Ecotools brushes and some sponges for foundation. Better than nothing! 


  1. So beautiful. It is very active makeup rules I think. It is so helpful for beauty maker.

  2. It will definitely be fun to look back and see how your collection grows!

    xo, alison*elle

  3. your current lip collection is probably what i buy every month (not including any samples i receive).
    but just wait, your collection is going to grow exponentially!

    1. That's funny! You must have problems finding where to store all that stuff then!

  4. Oh goodness. :) I think it's a start! I can't wait to see where this heads! :)

    1. The makeup in the beauty boxes will definitely add on to this a good deal and I know I have a few things in my stash that I like and will want to replace like my lipstick and Quo double gloss that are running out. Finally, makeup products of mine running out!!! This stuff lasts forever! I don't know how many years I've had all this stuff. The gloss was in the past 4 years for sure but the lipstick was way before that. Anyway, I'm looking forward to adding on and using the stuff :)

    2. I really love Quo too and they often have good sales. I would recommend you to start off with two good brushes a blush brush and a shadow brush. Quo is my fave for brushes and they often have them 40% off.