Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MEH/BLAH Products I've Been Trying

I like to post positive reviews more than negative ones and I put a focus on that, but what about products that left me with an impression of "MEH" and "BLAH"? I believe that it can be useful to someone somewhere to read about negative or neutral experiences others have had with products so are some of these products that didn't quite do it for me: 

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex 

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex is one of those products that had nothing positive to offer me. I got this product in my June Glossybox and it was a 7ml sample which did last a little while. I applied it to the entire face a few times and found it OK. It had a grainy texture when applying which was weird and is perfumed, not especially pleasant but perfectly tolerable... This product is NOT a moisturizer and cannot replace a person's moisturizer so this was a huge negative before even with the hope that it could work for wrinkles...

Note: I don't have mature skin so it might not have been the right product for me to to be trying, but I do have some small lines on my forehead and around my mouth which bother me and make me feel like I have wrinkles. I thought it could have a chance at helping these tiny lines so after realizing that it was bad as a moisturizer, I only applied it to these areas, figuring I could go the full 14 days they say will make the difference.

I didn't notice a difference in these lines. Left me with a huge impressive of BLAH about this product. Completely useless for me. It could possibly work for someone with deep wrinkles and in full honestly, it's deep wrinkles that it is supposed to help with in 14 days.

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

I saw this product on special last week at Loblaws and since I don't know much about argan oil except that it's supposed to be good, I picked it up. I am not loyal to any shampoo and almost every shampoo I've tried has not impressed nor disappointed. Shampoos and almost anything hair doesn't interest me much so I bought this expecting close to nothing. I expected it to do something more than my cheaper shampoos but nothing spectacular. 

Instead of meeting my low expectations, it bombed completely and disappointed me. Now that is some (bad) achievement!! It left my hair dryer than normal and just not good. Simply, I cannot recommend this product in any sort of way. I don't imagine what good it can do to anyone's hair when it dried up my oily hair and couldn't even do as good as the regular brands of shampoo I normally use (like Herbal Essences, Avon, Fructis, Head and Shoulders, etc) Only thing I can think of us that with the conditioner it might be different,  but I'm not used to using any because of my oily hair.

Neutrogena naturals purifying facial cleanser

This cleanser was promising! I like natural products as much as possible so when I read that this cleanser doesn't contain parabens, dyes, phthalates, petrochemicals or what they call "harsh chemical sulfates", I was glad to try it! Especially with a pump like that, it would be easier to use in the shower than my tube one by Aveeno that I like.  

My dislike for this product is more subjective than the other two. THE SMELL, for me is just PUKEPUKE! I hate it so much that I cannot even tolerate it for the 30 seconds it takes to wash my face and rinse it in the shower. My husband uses it now. 

Other thing I wonder is why it foams? I wasn't expecting it to since it's supposed to be all natural... Is it "harsh chemical sulfates"? They have some, but they are not as harsh? I'm not sure and I'd love to know! Because I was under the impression that natural cleansers did NOT foam. 


  1. Ohh I've been meaning to try that shampoo since someone raved about it lol..but now I don't think I want to. :P

  2. Maybe it's different with the conditioner? I think I also saw that rave and she was using it with the conditioner...

  3. I absolutely adore the shampoo and conditioner of all organix products, the reason your hair feels dry is because these shampoo's are all organic and have not sulfactants which damage your hair (the shampoo's which include these are shampoo's such as the ones you have previously used)I am sure you found the shampoo hardly lather as well, if your hair feels a little dry its likely because those sulfactants that coat your hair with junk (in the best way to address it)are absolutely non existent ... A way to make your hair feel great is biosilk or even a basic argan oil , such as one N only from sally's beauty supply (these both are great for your hair) and a little goes a long way :) Tips on Getting the Most from Your Shampoo
    - Use purified or distilled water. If you have trouble with your shampoo's ability to lather, use distilled or purified water instead of your tap water. Without the minerals in the water, your organic shampoo can lather fully.
    -Use hair conditioner. Always use the conditioner formulated to work with your particular shampoo. Shampoos work best this way, and the formulas complement each other, giving you the best results possible.
    -Tailor to your hair type. Using the right shampoo and conditioner formula for your hair type still matters when using organic shampoo. The lathering agents still clean your hair, but shampoo and conditioner address other problems, such as dry or oily hair and scalp.

    Sorry about the lengthily comment but I just wanted to share some of this helpful information with you and perhaps you will change your mind about this shampoo ;) because it really is super for your hair!