Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mascot Festival Fun! (+more samples)

Train ride my daughter enjoyed (can't see her in this pic)
The festival is over and I'm going through a bit of a down after being there every day for the past 5 days having fun visiting the stores, eating street food, watching my daughter play in the inflatable games, seeing and interacting with mascots, watching the shows and getting free stuff. 

I ended up getting more samples than what I shared the next day at the Jean Coutu circus and actually got a third bag right at the very end when they were getting rid of them. I'm not sure she knew I had one already since I wasn't standing right beside it but she offered so I said yes of course! 

Not beauty related, I got: 2 packs of gum, a pack of Halls, 3 packs of Maynards candies, a water bottle, a Tide pod sample, those stick flossing things (3 packs of 3 of them) and 3 reusable bags. 

Beauty related and with approximate value, I got: 

Neutrogena wipes: 3 packs of 7 = 21 wipes = 5.46$ value (this is based on the 25 wipe full sized product but well.ca sells the small pack of 7 wipes for 2.49$ which gives a value of 7.47$ for my samples)
Burt's Bees lip balm x3 = 13.47$ value
Nivea Men Q10 15ml = 4.20$ value (I think this has been discontinued and replaced)
Biore nose strip  = 1.24$ value
Tresemme Freshstart dry shampoo 56gx2 = 5.07$ value (this product comes strongly not recommended from a lot of people but I'll be glad to at least try it)
Nivea cream shower gel = 0.10$ value (tiny packet)
TOTAL: 29.54$

The other stuff might be worth about 10$ so that gives a total of about 40$ for my sample bags provided by Jean Coutu. I'm pretty darn happy about that. Not only was their circus show really awesome (we saw it 3.5 times in 2 days) and their other activities (make-up tent where we did our own child'd make up with help from instructions and different circus tries where the artists themselves gave tips and helped us) they also had free stuff! 

A really winning event by Jean Coutu! 
Really impressive strength by one of the artists on the platform 

The two girls doing their thing on the bars

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