Thursday, July 5, 2012

July Julep Maven Box Arrived - Boho Glam O Canada Edition

I was so excited to wake up from my little nap and find the Julep box in my mailbox!! I almost didn't see it in there, the box has been downsized to a cute little "just fits" type of size. Nice!

I definitely like this small packaging. It's more environmentally friendly and I know it could very well be in my mailbox even if I can't see it! The box was packaged in a 4th of July modified theme to make it look more "Canada" which was a nice attention even if it wasn't completely different packaging than the USA. The American packaging looked like this one but with some blue paper in there as well to make the blue, white, red America is known for.

They were cute in throwing in 3 candies with the nail polishes and lip vernis.

Here is a look at the 3 polishes and the lip vernis which is supposed to match one of the polishes. I thought it was matching the lighter one, but it seems to be somewhere in the middle as far as colour goes when looked at from outside like this.

I got: 

Georgia - A golden coral micro-shimmer.
Mischa - A cherry scarlett micro-shimmer
O Canada - Sheer glitter with an accent of cardinal red.

Poppy lip vernis - Peachy coral-creme lip vernis.


It was a nice idea for Julep to have a theme for this month since it was both National holidays happening. It brought some good "hype" to the box but I'm pretty certain that not a single Canadian got her box in time for Canada Day (July 1) so it was a bit of a miss for that reason. Good thing for them, they had a secondary theme of matching your lips to your nails and that was definitely a winner. 

Lip vernis

I don't wear much makeup at all. Normally just my Eminence sun defense mineral powder which is some very light skin coverage and some lip balm. Sometimes a quick whip of mascara but under the glasses I don't think it shows. Anyway, I was excited to try something a bit more punchy and exciting with this lip colour. Excited and a bit nervous. 

When I first pulled it out, I noticed the very nice pleasant sweet smell. YUM. Then I noticed the applicator which, contrary to what I was expecting, is a brush and not those regular spongy applicators. I like it better this way. 

The colour is pretty bright and punchy. As I put it on, it felt like "too much" for me as a person who is not used to seeing her lips a different colour. 30 seconds after I finished putting it on, I felt good about it! It's different but kinda nice, adds a touch of spice! 

What do you think??

I'm so happy with Julep right now! :D 

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  1. You have a very elongated face, maybe some contouring with blush would help.

  2. Not sure! I'm pretty blushy to begin with, maybe bronzor could help? Anyway, I was mostly asking about the lip colour... Works for me?

  3. i'm getting the exact same box (hasn't arrived yet) and i'm very excited to try the lip gloss. i think the gloss looks really nice on you - it adds some colour yet still looks natural. perfect for the summer!

  4. Thanks! I'm really liking the gloss. Feels pretty nice on the lips, not too sticky, so far not drying out. The colour doesn't seem to stay for so very long but there's some shine that does stay a long time. I noticed on your blog how much you like lip glosses. I'm sure you'll be pleased!

  5. im not subscribed to Julep but i was so tempted to join last month because of this box!! the O Canada polish is too fun!
    and the gloss looks lovely. i was unsure how the color payoff was going to be but it looks really fresh and summery on you

    1. I think (not sure though) that they send the previous month's box as intro box so you could get it! Although since O Canada was an additional gift, it might not be sent... My intro box was 2 polishes and foot cream and I'm pretty sure it was the ones the people got the month before.

  6. I haven't got mine yet!! GRRR! I got my usual Classic with a Twist.

    I guess for someone who doesn't wear a lot of makeup you'd be nervous and self conscious! BUT..when I see it on you, it looks very natural and healthy..NOT at all too much. You could get away with more! I think this is a colour you can wear anytime/ suits you perfectly!

    1. Aw thanks :) I'm starting to be interested in using a bit of makeup on a day to day basis and I'm sure that with some samples of makeup I'll get into it a little. I'm posting my beginner's makeup stash soon so I can document how it grows with a bit of time (and help from this blog)

    2. You'll do fantastic. :) It's fun to experiment..take pics and then you can see how it looks. Watch some youtube vids. I only wore mascara and gloss most of my life and I'm having fun playing now. Sometimes, I'll just try some stuff and ask my husband what he thinks..he'll be honest because I ask him to be. :) I also LOVE your freckles!! LOOOVE :)

  7. I think it looks marvellous on you - very natural!

    I love my natural-looking lip colours (I have variations on the same shade, usually with names like 'birthday suit'. I've realized that these neutrals work really well as blush for me, I just put some on my cheeks and smooth it out - blends in so well, and it's easy to layer so it doesn't get overwhelming at all.

    1. The more I wear it, the more I realize it's not such a bright, crazy colour. It's different for sure, but maybe it's halfway between neutral and crazy-bright!

      I don't think gloss would work on cheeks but I know they have them in balms which might also work on lips as well as cheeks.

    2. Ah yeah I probably wouldn't use gloss, but my lip stick works nicely :)

    3. Wow, it really must be a very sheer shade! Nice :)