Friday, July 27, 2012

July Glymm bag - FINALLY, my first experience with Glymm

Well, the bag finally arrived yesterday, July 26thThere were problems with my order so let me tell the story of my experience with Glymm. I'm not dissatisfied but I'm not especially impressed with some of it either. 

I decided at the end of June that I would subscribe to Glymm (as well as Glossybox and putting myself on the waiting list for Topbox) so on June 29th, the second to last day to sign up in time for the July bag, I tried signing up - MAYBE 20 TIMES or more! The website was having problems, or maybe it was just me... It was just not happening no matter what I did. Changed browsers, cleared my cache memory, etc.

I contacted customer service by email on June 30th and got a response extremely quickly giving me tips on how to sign up as well as offering to do it for me by taking my credit card information by email and telling me I could also call July 3rd. There were a couple emails exchanged until July 3rd when I called in (I wasn't comfortable giving my credit card information by email). I got the voice mail in the morning and no call back later in the day so I just ended up doing it by email anyway on July 3rd, being very clear that if it was not possible for the July bag, I did not want them to process the subscription. They took out my August payment right away and told me that I'd have a second payment taken from my credit card as soon as it was manually approved by another department. I saw July 13th arrive with bags being sent out, the week after everyone was getting their bag...

July 17th I was sick of waiting and I emailed them and was told, again very quickly by email, that it just hadn't been processed manually yet and that it would be sent out as soon as it was. MY GOSH, how long is it to process?! It had been 2 weeks!

July 25th arrived (2 days ago) and I was still waiting. I emailed again, starting to be *really* sick of waiting and again got an extremely quick email response - this time telling me it had been processed and I should expect it soon. YAY. And for the inconvenience was given 50 Glymm points.

I got my bag yesterday morning, July 26th about 15 minutes after getting the email from Canada Post telling me Glymm was sending me something. LOL.


I really like the bag personally. Maybe because I don't have an actual make-up bag.

Glymm July 2012 products

We've got:
  • Cyberderm H2O Hydration, an anti-ageing moisturizer
  • Cyberderm PM Anti-Age, an anti-ageing night cream
  • Joico K-pak Revitaluxe, a hair treatment which I will use on my daughter 
  • Maneteeze Social Butterfly hair perfume
  • Dirt purify + glow salt scrub, a body exfoliating treatment
I'm quite happy with all of these products! I'm a newbie to the beauty boxes so I haven't received tons of products in any category (hair, make-up, lotions, skin care, perfumes, etc) so there's nothing that I'm disappointed about as far as the product use goes. Hair stuff will all be tried on my daughter, anti-aging on newly-obsessed-about-her-"wrinkles" me, perfume I'll be sick of after another 2 samples because it's not my thing and the body scrub is a really nice idea for a product to me.


Cyberderm products
Just a small word on Cyberderm... What weird (but original and creative) packaging! The products came in oral syringes, the type my daughter uses every day for her arthritis medication... Initial thought is that they are still a very small company since they can't find a normal type of packaging but really, it's professionally done and effective for dispensing the product. I guess it's not yet worth it for them to get syringes made just for their samples. The full sized product comes in a regular pump container. Second thought is about their slogan "the sunscreen company"... Umm... this isn't sunscreen and they weren't even selling sunscreen yet when most people got their boxes. They are now though. Yep, that confirms it, they are very small and new. Good thought: it's a Canadian company and my experience with their products just from one use has been extremely positive. Good on Glymm for introducing us to Cyberderm!

Cyberderm H2O Hydration: I tried this once this morning and it feels great on my skin. Absorbed super fast, leaving no greasiness. It doesn't smell like much to me which is a good thing. I used 0.5ml for my whole face and it felt like plenty. The cream almost foams and whitens when you spread it and that little bit went a long way. There was a bit of a heating feeling which made me think that there's some sort of active ingredient that is working in this cream. 

Cyberderm PM Anti-age: I tried this last night and really liked what I felt. It has a strong smell that made me think of a pine forest but made my husband think of cactuses... Either way, it's "naturey" and not the flowers and grass kind. It's strong and wouldn't suit everyone. The cream absorbed very well into the skin and left no greasiness AT ALL. I felt a slight burning sensation that was not unpleasant and if anything made me think it was actually working. 

It was just one try for each of the Cyberderm products so I will change this if need be, but they feel like quality products. PM Anti-age expensive and not exactly in my price range (115$ for 50ml) but the quality still comes through and some people do pay that much for cream. H2O Hydration is 60$ for 50ml which is more in a regular price range, just a bit more expensive than the one I use on a day to day basis. 

Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe: I haven't tried this yet but it has gotten such great reviews everywhere I've seen that I can only be happy to get such a strongly recommended hair treatment. My daughter has curly hair and it gets a lot more wear with playing outside and in the mud, etc like any 5 year old. PLUS she loves having it loose so it needs a little extra love. Hopefully this helps her out :)

Manteeze Social Butterfly hair perfume: I'm not a fan of perfume and I don't wear any and never did BUT this surprised me with how much I liked it! It's a vanilla coconut smell that I got a whiff of every once in a while for at least a few hours after putting 2 spritzes. It's supposed to be more potent and longer-lasting than skin perfume as well as being more delicate for our hair. I felt like a woman wearing perfume, it was great! 

Dirt purify+glow salt scrub: I haven't tried this product yet but it smells really nice a citrusy. The sample is not exactly "wow" since it seems so small that it wouldn't even do the whole body... Glymm says that it will be good for 2 uses so hopefully that's the case because at 45$ for 12 oz, it's a really expensive scrub! There's been a confusion about the amount of product though. The bottom of the little jar says 15ml, 0.05oz when really 15ml is 0.5oz. That means that 3.75$ per oz and 1.88$ for the sample we got, not 19 cents like some bloggers were writing.

Last thing 

This is my first experience with Glymm so it's my first Glymm bag and I love the bright colour orange of this bag and the size is great for short travels as well as storing samples or hair accessories at home... Personally, I love this feature and I'm looking forward to having the bag in other colours.

It was really a winning idea by Glymm to make the switch to these bags. The way I understand it, they raised the price of their subscription by 2.00$ when they introduced the bag. A good way to get clients to accept paying more (though old clients continue to pay the old price), giving the company a "greener" style and give collecting personalities a reason to stick with Glymm. Who wouldn't want this bag in all sorts of colours? 


  1. hooray!
    i've done that before too - i'd refresh the Canada Post page constantly and then run out to my community mailbox.
    i am glad it eventually worked out with Glymm even though customer service can be improved. i almost had an issue with BB5 this month too - i went to log in and it said my membership had failed and i wasn't receiving a July box but i never got an email regarding the problem. so after a few emails exchanged back and forth (at first, they were a bit slow at replying), everything was fixed so i am waiting on my BB5 now.
    speaking of shipping, i got a notification my Glossybox was shipped today... and i won't receive it til Aug 2.

  2. yay, finally!!! great review... i'm glad you liked the samples. :) i too felt the burning sensation with the pm anti-age... it didn't bother me either and went away pretty quickly afterward. i think i might pick up cyberderm's zinc sunscreen just to try it... it's a little expensive but i might use my glymm points towards it. look forward to reading more of your beauty box reviews!!

  3. Helen: At least they got things fixed, both Glymm and BB5 :) I didn't get any notification from Glossybox, I hope I'm not having a problem with mine! lol

    Ellesy: I'd be interested in trying that too but I have too much sunscreen for now so maybe next year. If you try it please post a review!

    I'm glad you enjoyed my box review. I'm new to this and I feel like I rambled on a bit too much and didn't make one point that I wanted to make which is that Glymm to me was more exciting than Glossybox for the brands and variety of products they exposed me to while Glossybox was better for overall value and sheer volume. So far they are so very different and both exciting that I really wouldn't want to choose just one. I guess I have plenty of time to make comparisons!

  4. Nice, very thorough. I like the bag idea as well!