Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Julep O Canada nail polish - Disappointed

Disclaimer: I suck at nail polishes and have very little experience and this might account for why polishes don't last a long time on my nails. I am very active though since I do all the housework, errands, childcare and that includes an 8 month old baby... I honestly don't know if the poor performance of polishes in general has more to do with the polishes themselves or with my lifestyle.

I was happy to receive O Canada in my July Julep Maven box because I liked the idea of a clearer, less flashy nail polish that I could apply to my fingernails that would not appear worn out as fast as an opaque colour. I figured chips would not be apparent because most of the nail is clear anyway and that this would make the polish last a long time (compared to the others which I'm finding look like crap within days).

Here is my hand with O Canada, 2 days after application. Notice 2 things:
1) Uneven red dots. It was very hard to get the red dots on there. Sometimes there were none, sometimes there were tons...
2) Most importantly, the lack of polish on the tops of all nails!

2 days after application 

I'm so terribly disappointed!!!!

I was really stoked about this nail polish. I loved the look of it and the clear base, I still love the idea of it. But the result was super disappointing.

This is O Canada 2 days after application. It looked like that yesterday too which means that within 24h, half of the nail had no polish on it from GIANT chips. I put it on the same way as I have been my other Julep polishes so my conclusion is that this polish is not durable since 8 out of 10 fingernails were totally and crazily chipped.

Any nail polish application advice is VERY welcome because as I wrote in my disclaimer, I have problems with nail polish staying on.


  1. Oh noes! That's terrible! :( It's a very pretty polish... if only it would stay on.

    ~ Yun

  2. My advice for the glitter is about 3 coats AND a topcoat. Instead of dragging the brush from cuticle to end of nail..get us much sparkles as you can on your brush and quickly dab onto your nail. I have faith in this polish with a base colour..perhaps white? Give it another try with my tips and hopefully you can love it more! :)

    1. Thanks! I absolutely will because I do like it and I really want it to work. I did it pretty simply and only one coat. It was enough sparkle for me and I didn't have time to apply another because of the baby having so much trouble sleeping other than in my arms (teething).

  3. As Aleksandra mentioned, topcoat is super important along with "sealing the free edge" of your nail, so make sure to paint along the tips of your nails as well (both nail polish and topcoat).

  4. I always have the same problem, which is why I usually choose rather nude and light pink colours so it's not too visible.

  5. Yep, dabbing glitter nail polish is the only real good way to apply it when it has big glitter like that. And a top coat smooths it out so that it doesn't catch on anything and chip off.