Sunday, July 1, 2012

Initial Reactions Review - light hydrating creams

Product description

A-Derma Hydralba - Light Hydrating Cream:
The above cream by A-Derma is for fragile and delicate skins, normal to combination. I think that means sensitive skin that is not dry, and it's not formulated for intolerant skin types. It should provide long-lasting hydration and also protect from climatic stress. This last part I italicized is important and different from the other cream.

Bioderma Sensibio Light - Soothing Cream
The above cream by Bioderma is a soothing cream for sensitive and intolerant skin types. It should moisturize and protect the skin. The biggest difference between this cream and the other one is that it's formulated for intolerant skin types. 


As the title says, this is just an initial reactions review so there is no scientific method. I had small samples for each of these creams and tried them twice each. Half the face for each cream and the next day, after exfoliating, the other half of the face for each. 

Consistency and Application

They were similar but A-Derma Hydralba felt a tiny bit more liquid than Bioderma Sensibio Light when I put it on my hand. Upon application though, Bioderma felt less creamy on the skin and more watery. 


Bioderma Sensibio Light is completely scentless. Not just fragrance-free, where the product often still has some sort of non-purfumey smell, but it's completely scent-free -- smells like nothing at all. 
A-derma Hydralba has fragrance. I don't like that at all because I simply don't like fragrance in my creams at all and it was very strong for me. 

Feel on the skin

I felt like the A-Derma Hydralba made my skin smoother than Bioderma Sensibio Light and that Bioderma felt a bit greasier on my skin. This was my impression initially as well as an hour later when I checked and in the morning as well that side of my face seemed greasier. Not "greasy" per se though, just a bit heavier. Something that surprised me was that the A-Derma Hydralba cream made my skin feel kind of comfy warm.

Does it do what it says it does? Final thoughts.

A-Derma Hydralba writes that it protects against climatic stress and I didn't think I'd be able to get a taste of that with my two uses but I actually could feel that it would protect. When I noticed that my skin felt warmer on that side of my face, I put myself in front of the fan (because it's hot, not cold these days) and definitely didn't feel the wind on my face as I did on the other side. I'm pretty impressed and from my experience in these two uses, I do believe that it would be a good cream to use especially in winter months for skin that is sensitive to the weather change.

Bioderma writes that it is for intolerant skin and is hypoallergenic. I got no indication that it would make my skin react and based on how scentless this cream is, I can see that they made sure to stay away from any irritants. It's supposed to "protect" and I'm not sure if it protects differently than a regular moisturizing cream. I don't get the feeling that it does so it was not as impressive as the A-Derma cream in that regard. I also didn't like the feel of it on my skin as much as A-Derma.

Overall, I would consider buying the A-Derma cream in full when winter comes if I find myself suffering from the climate for sure. It felt nice on my skin and made it soft. I didn't like the scent though but it didn't linger too much. I would not purchase the Bioderma in full. If I had extremely sensitive skin and had not been able to find a suitable cream, this could be one to try, but in my experience, there have been a few creams for sensitive and intolerant skin that I have preferred.


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