Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm really not "diggin'" Loose Button

I have never been subscribed with them but I got an offer to join in June by email through my subscription to Today's Parent magazine. I wrote about it here:

If you recall, they were telling me I had a special chance to skip the waiting list if I signed up before July 4th. And I think I called their bluff.

I got an email today directly from Loose Button telling me I have less than 24h to sign up. Obviously, there was no waiting list. I'm not a fan of manipulation and for that reason, I strongly stand by my decision to not sign up to their box. A company that manipulates potential customers into signing up for their service does not deserve those customers.


  1. Yikes! :S You know, I think a lot of people dropped and they're desperate since rolling out the quarterly deal...

  2. They sure sound desperate but trying to cover it up with manipulation and deception. I'm still really curious to see what will be in that box.

  3. I had heard they were having a lot of old subscribers not re-sub with their new idea. I think until people see what is actually going to be coming in the boxes, they'll be hesitant to pay MORE for a beauty sub that was already a little lack lustre.
    btw, I am your newest follower! feel free to check out my blog if you'd like :)