Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I own a lot of Aveeno products

Aveeno makes A LOT of products. A lot of good products, actually! And I own quite a few of them from various lines they have for facial care: Positively Ageless, Positively Radiant, Positively Nourishing, Ultra-Calming are the ones I've tried at least one product from. For body care, I've tried their lotions (maybe 5 of them) but they also carry bath products I've never tried. I have also tried baby products but no hair products which I just found out they also carry.

Any review requests for Aveeno? I will be featuring them in some future reviews for sure though.

Also: Would anyone reading this be interested in a future Aveeno giveaway? It would be new unopened products by Aveeno with maybe other products thrown in (the other products would be products I have but don't suit me).


  1. OOH I've been wondering about Positively Radiant moisturizer! Who doesn't love a give away?

  2. I really like Aveeno's products, I'm especially fond of the Ultra-Calming and Positively Radiant. I've used several of their bath products too. Some of the best stuff for my skin (always hard to find). Well I'd love a giveaway, but I don't expect you'd want to post it to Europe ;) I miss my Aveeno products though, can't get them over here :(

  3. I'm pretty sure I will make it international! I'll make a final decision when the time comes after I check out how much it could cost to see that it's not astronomical but I would love to include everyone.