Friday, July 6, 2012

Fabulous Blogger Friday - Beauty Delights

Beauty Delights is a blog that features a lot of reviews and unboxings of all the available beauty boxes as wells as reviews of a lot of beauty products and even nail polish! It's a very well-rounded blog with a little of everything that I think anyone "into" beauty would enjoy. I sure do!

I think she is subscribed to all the main ones (Topbox, Glossybox, Luxe Box, Glymm and Beauty Box 5) and she reviews them in an honest fashion, supported by pictures of the boxes, the contents and swatches for colour of what she receives.

Very informative and professional. Please check it out!


  1. why thank you!!!!
    i am so glad you enjoy it :) and yes - i am currently subscribed to all 5 you mentioned. my pile of samples is building up so i might have to do some rethinking soon. i don't know how to tear away though! i know you just subscribed to a few - are you considering the others as well? i'll be doing a semi-annual "report card" of the companies so stay tuned!

  2. I can't wait for your "report card" post. I'm not considering Beauty Box 5 for now. Luxe I'm almost tempted but I wrote a post about their changes and I'm staying away for those reasons. I just didn't get a great impression of them based on how the change and customer situations got dealt with (from what I heard).

    I am waiting for Sweet Delight Divalicious to be available in September though (seasonal box) to buy it. I mentioned them in my post about all the available boxes in Canada and they send tons of stuff that are most handmade and small companies (think companies that sell on etsy).

    1. yes i've seen countless complaints on Loose Button's FB page. and it's true they don't seem to handle customer service very well.
      the Sweet Delight Divalicious box is quite tempting - there is sooo much stuff in there!

  3. Hello love! Just found your blog and I am loving it! Keep up the greatness of it <3 Come check out my blog sometime if u have a moment too!

    Ashley xxox