Thursday, July 19, 2012

Companies with Integrity

I respond well to a company that has good values. A company that is open and honest, gives good quality products and services for a decent price that reflects what they're offering. A company that cares about integrity over profit.

These are the companies I want to encourage and that I want to help succeed and help them make that important profit!

It's why I like to point things out like what Loose Button seems to be doing (creating a false need for their boxes to increase demand). And it's why I noticed right away what Glossybox wrote on their Facebook page.
We're almost sold out! Subscribe for the July GLOSSYBOX today to snag one of the last remaining boxes.
I actually believe them unlike Loose Button. I have seen a lot of positive reviews and recommendations for Glossybox and a lot of people who want to lessen the beauty box load say they don't know which they should unsub from but it wouldn't be Glossybox. Based on this, I subscribed and so far my experience with them has been extremely satisfactory. I have no reason to think that they are falsely creating demand for their box because people have been openly saying that they will not unsubscribe and have been recommending the service in a very genuine manner and people have been subscribing!

They seem to be becoming the next Topbox with an actual waiting list and inability to fulfill demand. I hope for them that this is true. For a business to have so many people interested that they aren't able to fulfill demand is great! And I also hope it's true so I can keep my respect for them. I love loving companies and recommending companies a lot more than I like critiquing!

More to come on companies I love. More to come on complaints and critiques too but hopefully I do it with respect and hopefully it's constructive.

This part is me trying to shamelessly take points if you want to subscribe to Glossybox. Use my link to give me referral points that I'd love to use to eventually get a free box. My positive post has nothing to do with getting points, I just like getting myself closer to free stuff. You understand I'm sure.


  1. Candice, thank you SO much for your comment on my blog post. It was incredibly sweet and completely made me feel better about my entire day.

  2. I needed to add to this after seeing on Glossybox's Facebook page something that bugged me. I saw them explain the lateness of their boxes by blaming it on the long weekend. Well, Canada Day was on July 1st, the holiday on July 2nd. If boxes are supposed to be received before the beginning of the month, this would have made no difference to most Canadians. Only to Quebeckers who had closed post office on June 25th, if they sent it before that date. I hate being lied to and lost some respect I had for Glossybox based on this. I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt but I can't imagine what it is. They're not in Quebec for it to have affected all of their boxes!