Monday, July 30, 2012

A Thing I Noticed - Need feedback

I started this blog just over a month ago after starting to be a bit more into other beauty blogs. I noticed A LOT of self-promotion in comments with the girls putting their blog links as a sort of comment signature or often flat-out saying "Please follow me" which I found sometimes tastefully done (when the comment was specific to the post and the link was just a signature) and sometimes a bit spammy (when the comment was obviously only there to ask to be followed with no real interesting reference to the post itself).

Both ways seemed perfectly accepted and got no negative responses on the blogs themselves... I decided to promote my blog with a signature-link in comments. After all, I do want people to read my blog! But I don't want to spam anyone and I want my promotion to be "natural and effortless". By that, I mean that I don't want to attract readers by being real and myself without being forceful or spammy. I post links every few posts to my Facebook and I've mentioned my blog a couple times on my other blog and I comment on people's blogs which I figured could be a good way to effortlessly and naturally get people to my blog.

I was very politely and privately messaged that since my blog was accessible through my profile, me putting a link in my comments was considered spam. She was very nice in telling me this and actually did it the ISLAMIC WAY :) I really appreciated that and it was definitely goo to know.

What I noticed though especially after this was that on CANADIAN BLOGS, self-promotion was "rampant" while it was not the case on American blogs like her's. Is it something that is accepted in the Canadian beauty blogosphere and not the American beauty blogosphere?!

You guys who have blogs, how do you feel about it and where are you from? What has your experience been and how to you promote your blog?



  1. That's exactly what I am trying to figure out myself! Being new at this it feels like one has to play catch up one the "rules"... I have no idea, sorry, that probably doesn't help :( but I am happy when people comment and usually click on the person's contact and check out their blog if they have one listed. I think because there are so many of us out there it could feel like spam if we all posted our links, but then again if you have a giveaway or something to share, how else do you do it?
    Good luck to you! Keep us posted on what you find out, take care, Fiorella.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in wondering! I've clicked on links people had in their comments on other people's blogs and I find it useful in finding other blogs... I doubt I would click on a person's name from seeing their comment on another person's blog though - I would only click on their name if they commented on MY blog...

      So far commenting on people's blogs has been fun and been useful, but only 12 followers in a month type of useful. Not bad though still and I'm enjoying the blog experience!

  2. I don't think leaving a link to your blog after a comment is spam. I don't personally do it (unless I have a giveaway on!) but other people do and it doesn't bother me at all! If someone comments and just says 'hello follow me plz' with a link, YES that is spam!! but I have regular readers who literally link to their blog in every comment they ever leave me, and it doesn't bother me in the least!
    I suppose this is a personal preference, but in my opinion, signing off each comment (if it is a legit comment) to a blog you actually read and follow with your link is NOT spam.