Friday, June 22, 2012

A Trend I LOVE (the midi)

The MIDI (skirt or dress)
NOTE: I don't have links for where I found these pictures, but feel free to use to find where I got these... They come from all around the web... 

   The pencil midi (and stripes, another great trend)
 The flowy midi
 The denim midi
Midi skirt with buttons (full-button skirts, another great thing) 
 The midi dress (again, LOVE the stripes)
 The peasant midi (I doubt this look is trendy, but it sure is cute!)
 High-waisted midi, and pleated too!
 The casual midi


  1. i'm really short (5'1") so the midi length is not supposed to be flattering on me but i wear it all the time. it's my favourite length, especially for work.

  2. Personally I prefer maxi dresses or lengths that end just above my knee. :)