Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Loose Button New seasonal/quarterly Luxe Box

I got an email from Today's Parent magazine which I subscribe to letting me know that I had been pre-approved for a Loose Button membership. It seemed from the email that all clients from Rogers magazines were getting this "offer" so let's just say it's nothing exclusive! It tells me that I have until July 4th to sign up and skip the waiting list. 

The write as a description: 
Loose Button members receive a seasonal Luxe Box every 3 months, filled with 7 to 8 new and exciting trial-sized beauty and lifestyle items that are hand-picked by a panel of beauty editors. All members enjoy complimentary shipping to their preferred address, wherever they are. Members also get invitations to private events, early access to new product launches and beauty tips and tutorials to help them stay trendy every season.

The new membership will be 26$ for 7-8 "trial-sized" samples. By "trial-sized", the focus will be on giving a sample that contains enough uses of the product to help a person determine if they want to buy the full size (as I read from a Loose Button rep somewhere online). The person had written that they couldn't describe the samples as "deluxe" because the format may or may not exist in certain brands that they will be working with. I don't know if that means that they might offer more than one smaller sample of the same brand to count as one if they don't make big enough samples, or if he just meant that smaller than deluxe samples are what they plan on including in their boxes (and that we should consider it enough). 

Something else to note in their description is that it's not only beauty items, but also lifestyle items. Whatever that might be... I see a bracelet in that photo...  


It used to be 2.40$ to 3.00$ per sample and will now be 3.25$ to 3.71$ per sample so the price has gone up by about 25% average. There's no other way to say it than: You WILL be paying more per sample with this new set-up by Loose Button.


This is only from things I have read. People who had a 3, 6 or year long subscription were given the "option" to change to this seasonal box and have a free upgrade for the first box. This means that the 26$ box would cost them their regular monthly 12$. Some people got confused but it seems to me that this was not deceiving from Loose Button. The thing that seems to be happening though is that the upgrade is optional, but there is not really any other option. There are no refunds under I think 80$ credit which I find quite bad of them and there is no option to keep a monthly box if I understand correctly. For those people who bought a long term subscription to a monthly box, this is not right. A person who has 2 months left (24$ credit) will get their first seasonal box for 12$ and have 12$ left of credit which FORCES them to pay another 14$ for the next seasonal box with no option for a refund.

Another thing which may not be exactly controversial but that I find a bit "off" is them talking about how there's a waiting list for this box and then sending skip-the-waiting-list notices to everyone who subscribes to these magazines like mine. That's A LOT of people. It makes me feel like they are using this to make their box seem exclusive when really they will have plenty of boxes to supply everyone when the fist seasonal box comes in August. It feels deceptive. Topbox really does have a waiting list and we know that from everyone who has waited and is waiting but Luxe box? Who knows? No real time frame on this "waiting list". I have a feeling there is none. 


I've never received any Luxe Box so keep that in mind when reading my thoughts. I'm basing this on what I've read and seen from members and what I've read and seen from the Loose Button team.

I'm thinking that with all the controversy surrounding the new boxes that the first seasonal box will probably be pretty good. The last thing they want is bad publicity online again. They probably want to have as many people posting good reviews as possible so that more people subscribe to their service. For the quality part, I've got a pretty good feeling about their first box.

BUT when it comes to the way they have gone about dealing with everything and making the change... I'm not comfortable at all and I feel like people are being manipulated and deceived. So I will NOT be subscribing to their seasonal box. 

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  1. i liked reading your thoughts on this. it seems like there are a lot of ways to skip the "waiting list" as some bloggers have referral links that allow you to skip the waiting list too! i won't be subscribing to this either.