Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Julep June Mystery Box

I got my Julep June mystery box yesterday! This is the second box I receive from them but the first one that I actually pay for (well, I paid 1 cent for the first box). The mystery boxes that they occasionally offer cost 19.99$ (shipping included always) and you are guaranteed 60$ "worth" of products minimum and possibly products worth up to 200$. The polishes and other products you receive are a total surprise and you find out when you open it. 

I saw a bunch of posts and videos of people who got their June mystery box before mine and knew the colours that they were offering in this box and knew what the minimum box looked like. As soon as I saw my box in the mailbox, I knew it was the small one and that I'd gotten the minimum box. Here it is freshly opened: 

The box was not the usual black box written "JULEP maven" on it, probably because this box is actually available to everyone even if they are not subscribed to the maven program. It was a white box without any writing on it. Came nicely packaged with the signature ruffly crinkled paper and products in a paper bag, tied up with a ribbon, all of it matching of course. :) 

Shipping was not as impressive as the first time. I ordered it on June 9th, got a notice of shipment the next business day, the 11th and received it on the 19th. Took 6 business days total. Not bad at all.

Here's what I got: 

  • Julep SPF 15 lip balm (vanilla mint)
  • Fast Dry Topcoat
  • January described as a retro tomato red with a modern shine.
  • Amy described as a smoky turquoise creme.
  • Gayle described as a regal deep aubergine creme.
  • they threw in a nail file
My thoughts:

I've got mixed feelings about this box. I'm not outraged, insanely disappointed or upset about it at all but I'm not ecstatic either. Let's just say I'm pleased. 

First negative is that nail file... I don't think they consider it as worth anything in the box when it comes to reaching that 60$ minimum and they're right not to because it's not worth anything. Second negative is the colour January. It seems like a perfectly nice red colour and all, but with the name January, I feel like I'm getting a leftover holiday colour They could've named it June and I'd be loving it (I know, it's dumb). Third is the dark purple which also seems like a perfectly nice colour, but I get a "cold" feel from it and it just doesn't suit a summer box as far as I'm concerned. And the season for eggplants (aubergines) is August to October! Fourth, and this is my own fault 100%: I was hoping for one of the bigger boxes :P

Positive is that lip balm! I LOVE it! I have been putting it on every 10 minutes since I got my box yesterday, I freaked out when I couldn't find it for a couple hours. It just smells divine and feels nice and tingly fresh. I also love the colour Amy so much. I wear a lot of turquoise so this will be the first one I try. I'm very pleased with this colour and can't wait to try it. 

Overall value: 
14$ per polish totals 56$
6$ lip balm
0$ nail file
= 62$ total

The lip balm I actually would pay 6$ for but I would never pay 14$ per polish and I feel the prices are grossly inflated. That's not what I paid though and 14$ for 4 polishes (since I would be happy to pay 6$ for the balm) = 3.50$ each polish (or for Quebecers, 3.06$ plus tax) is more than worth it and makes me able to honestly recommend this product. 

If you are interested in trying it for yourself, the 1 cent promotion is still going on with the promotional code PENNY or COLOR2012 at checkout. Follow these steps: 

1) Go to 
Note that this is my referral link and that signing up with it will get me halfway to a free box, thank you for using it if you're planning on signing up. ;)

2) Take a quick style quiz to determine your profile.

3) Add the product to your basket.

4) Checkout. 

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