Friday, June 29, 2012

I've taken the Beauty Box plunge!

I have officially put myself on the waiting list for Topbox (what I heard is that it's for September).

I have also officially signed up for July Glossybox.

AND I have made the decision to sign up to receive July's Glymm box except that so far that hasn't worked because of a loading problem... Hopefully I manage before the end of tomorrow so that I can receive it in July.

I am also waiting for my July Julep Maven box which has been sent out and which I'm expecting in the middle or end of next week. It will contain the Oh Canada sparkly polish which I'm excited about as well as the lip gloss which I'm looking forward to trying out. It's the coral one from the Boho Glam box and I've never tried such a colour on my lips.

YAY! Waiting for packages is so fun! :) Can't wait to actually be able to try the products and compare the boxes for real instead of only reading reviews and watching unboxing videos. lol


  1. I signed up beginning of February and THEN they told me it was September!! UGH! You'll love's my favourite, I love mine so much! :) I love getting mailman and I are one a first name basis. :)

  2. Really? Ouf, then I guess I should not expect mine in September...! 7 months... and getting longer it seems. If I get mine in 8 months, that's like... February!!

    At least I'll have Glossybox, Glymm and I tried Julep (probably won't need enough polish to continue the subscription until then though).