Monday, June 18, 2012

Introduction and Welcome

Hi and peace to you all,

My name is Candice and I'm a 25 year old mother of two from a medium-sized town near Montreal, Quebec (Canada). I'm an Anglo French-Canadian. I'm starting this blog to post reviews of beauty products that I try and discuss anything beauty-related like skin care, fashion or even body image. I'm very interested in skin care and quite interested in fashion and health. I also enjoy other ways of beautifying ourselves from tattoos to make-up to accessorizing and will certainly manage to include that in some posts, but it won't be my focus since 1) I don't have any tattoos of my own, 2) I don't wear make-up on a regular basis 3) I can't wear accessories like necklaces and bracelets and big rings because I have a young baby and he grabs EVERYTHING.

My goal for reviews that I do will be to be as honest as possible in the way I express myself. A lot of them will be samples and if that's the case, it will be said. If a product simply didn't appeal to my personal taste (like a smell I didn't enjoy), I will say it clearly so as to not give a negative review for something that is personal. If I am reviewing a product that I am not very knowledgeable about like nail polish (since I don't wear it *that* often), I will say it.

Hopefully I will manage to post *something* that will interest *someone*. Give me a sign of life if you're reading! I'll be happy to meet you.

Candice XoX

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