Friday, June 29, 2012

I've taken the Beauty Box plunge!

I have officially put myself on the waiting list for Topbox (what I heard is that it's for September).

I have also officially signed up for July Glossybox.

AND I have made the decision to sign up to receive July's Glymm box except that so far that hasn't worked because of a loading problem... Hopefully I manage before the end of tomorrow so that I can receive it in July.

I am also waiting for my July Julep Maven box which has been sent out and which I'm expecting in the middle or end of next week. It will contain the Oh Canada sparkly polish which I'm excited about as well as the lip gloss which I'm looking forward to trying out. It's the coral one from the Boho Glam box and I've never tried such a colour on my lips.

YAY! Waiting for packages is so fun! :) Can't wait to actually be able to try the products and compare the boxes for real instead of only reading reviews and watching unboxing videos. lol

Fabulous Blogger Friday - Canadian Beauty

I am really loving this blog, Canadian Beauty which you should all visit at:

It's a beautiful-looking blog concentrating on reviews of products of ALL KIND. From hair products to sunscreens (she did one recently comparing a bunch of brands which was interesting) to nail polishes to make-up to skin care... You name it! It's well-written and informative.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Loose Button New seasonal/quarterly Luxe Box

I got an email from Today's Parent magazine which I subscribe to letting me know that I had been pre-approved for a Loose Button membership. It seemed from the email that all clients from Rogers magazines were getting this "offer" so let's just say it's nothing exclusive! It tells me that I have until July 4th to sign up and skip the waiting list. 

The write as a description: 
Loose Button members receive a seasonal Luxe Box every 3 months, filled with 7 to 8 new and exciting trial-sized beauty and lifestyle items that are hand-picked by a panel of beauty editors. All members enjoy complimentary shipping to their preferred address, wherever they are. Members also get invitations to private events, early access to new product launches and beauty tips and tutorials to help them stay trendy every season.

The new membership will be 26$ for 7-8 "trial-sized" samples. By "trial-sized", the focus will be on giving a sample that contains enough uses of the product to help a person determine if they want to buy the full size (as I read from a Loose Button rep somewhere online). The person had written that they couldn't describe the samples as "deluxe" because the format may or may not exist in certain brands that they will be working with. I don't know if that means that they might offer more than one smaller sample of the same brand to count as one if they don't make big enough samples, or if he just meant that smaller than deluxe samples are what they plan on including in their boxes (and that we should consider it enough). 

Something else to note in their description is that it's not only beauty items, but also lifestyle items. Whatever that might be... I see a bracelet in that photo...  


It used to be 2.40$ to 3.00$ per sample and will now be 3.25$ to 3.71$ per sample so the price has gone up by about 25% average. There's no other way to say it than: You WILL be paying more per sample with this new set-up by Loose Button.


This is only from things I have read. People who had a 3, 6 or year long subscription were given the "option" to change to this seasonal box and have a free upgrade for the first box. This means that the 26$ box would cost them their regular monthly 12$. Some people got confused but it seems to me that this was not deceiving from Loose Button. The thing that seems to be happening though is that the upgrade is optional, but there is not really any other option. There are no refunds under I think 80$ credit which I find quite bad of them and there is no option to keep a monthly box if I understand correctly. For those people who bought a long term subscription to a monthly box, this is not right. A person who has 2 months left (24$ credit) will get their first seasonal box for 12$ and have 12$ left of credit which FORCES them to pay another 14$ for the next seasonal box with no option for a refund.

Another thing which may not be exactly controversial but that I find a bit "off" is them talking about how there's a waiting list for this box and then sending skip-the-waiting-list notices to everyone who subscribes to these magazines like mine. That's A LOT of people. It makes me feel like they are using this to make their box seem exclusive when really they will have plenty of boxes to supply everyone when the fist seasonal box comes in August. It feels deceptive. Topbox really does have a waiting list and we know that from everyone who has waited and is waiting but Luxe box? Who knows? No real time frame on this "waiting list". I have a feeling there is none. 


I've never received any Luxe Box so keep that in mind when reading my thoughts. I'm basing this on what I've read and seen from members and what I've read and seen from the Loose Button team.

I'm thinking that with all the controversy surrounding the new boxes that the first seasonal box will probably be pretty good. The last thing they want is bad publicity online again. They probably want to have as many people posting good reviews as possible so that more people subscribe to their service. For the quality part, I've got a pretty good feeling about their first box.

BUT when it comes to the way they have gone about dealing with everything and making the change... I'm not comfortable at all and I feel like people are being manipulated and deceived. So I will NOT be subscribing to their seasonal box. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Is Julep nail polish 3-free or 4-free??


I've been wondering about this and am hoping for a clarification. 
The polished are advertised on the website as being 4-free but all the bottles I had received so far have been marked as 3-free. Which is right and why doesn't the information in both places match?
Thank you, Candice 

Hi Candice, 

Thank you for contacting us. We completely understand your concern. This has been brought to the attention of our product development team. Our website is correct; we are considered a 4-free polish company. We are in the process of updating our polish to reflect our 4-free formula. 

 Please feel free to contact us for any additional information. Until then, have a great day! 


Justine Stillwell 
Julep Maven Team 

I don't want to be annoying about it but does that mean the polish is mis-labelled as 3-free or rather the polishes are becoming 4-free and not all of them are yet like the ones I received? 
Sorry for my persistence! Thanks for your answer!  

Hi Candace, 

Thank you for your quick response. We completely understand your curiosity on this matter! Our polishes are all 4-free. However, some of our bottles have not been updated to reflect this. You will soon see an adjustment on our bottles. Until then, we can assure you that you are wearing 4-free polish. 

 Please feel free to contact us for any additional information. Until then, have a lovely day! 


 Justine Stillwell 
Julep Maven Team

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Trend I LOVE (the midi)

The MIDI (skirt or dress)
NOTE: I don't have links for where I found these pictures, but feel free to use to find where I got these... They come from all around the web... 

   The pencil midi (and stripes, another great trend)
 The flowy midi
 The denim midi
Midi skirt with buttons (full-button skirts, another great thing) 
 The midi dress (again, LOVE the stripes)
 The peasant midi (I doubt this look is trendy, but it sure is cute!)
 High-waisted midi, and pleated too!
 The casual midi

Fabulous Blogger Friday - Polished Indulgence

This week I want to recommend Polished Indulgence

This is post after post of nail polish colours and reviews. I love seeing all the different colours available and even though I don't wear polish very much, I love seeing what might look good on my hands. I even find nail polish colours to be a good source of inspiration for outfits sometimes (but that's a whole other thing).

Go check the blog out if you're at all interested in nail polish. :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: Annmarie Gianni Skin Care sample kit

I'm going to review the Normal Skin Sample Kit from the Annemarie Gianni skin care line. I bought this with my own money so there is no influence at all from being given the samples. I'm not popular enough to be given samples :)

Annmarie Gianni Skin Care
I don't actually know of her, but it seems Annmarie Gianni is known in the health world... She started a skin care line after being disappointed with what was available in skin care, especially the choices in natural skin care that doesn't contain preservatives and other chemical ingredients. The products are organic, natural and wildcrafted (picked in the wild to make the products if I understand that correctly). 

There actually are not that many products in this line and it really makes it feel like the products are not made to appeal to people who like such and such scent and ones who like this texture of product, etc. etc. but really made to work for the skin type and that's it. It can be seen as a negative that there aren't a gazillion things to choose from, but it also shows how confident they are in their existing products and how the emphasis is on it WORKING. 

Initial thoughts:

The package arrived fast enough and with a sachet of lavender in it so it smelled amazing and I could have just left my face in the bag. The sample looks EXACTLY like it does in this picture except that it was smaller than I expected. The little bag was no bigger than my palm.
It's very much worth noting that this sample kit comes with a 10$ rebate off the purchase of any full-sized product. Meaning: if you liked any of the products enough to buy, your sample kit will have cost you nothing.

First product: Aloe-herb Cleanser (3/5 stars)

I had enough for about 5 uses. I don't use very much product and I'm used to no-soap cleansers (everyone should be, don't use soap on your face!) but someone who wears a lot of make-up or is used to soap and how it lathers will be using more and therefore have less use out of this small sample.

It smelled nice and lemony and felt nice on the skin. It leaves the skin soft and does not strip the skin of its natural oils. A cleanser needs to leave the skin not NEEDING a moisturizer (though you should use some anyway) and this one passes that test.

I liked using this more than my regular Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizing Cleanser but a large part of that was the smell (I like natural smells like this and my Aveeno has a sort of not unpleasant but not great pool type smell). It seemed to do the same thing for my skin as Aveeno and for the price, I will continue to use Aveeno 100%.

I liked it less than the sample I tried of Eminence Lime Cleansing Masque. It might not be the right thing to compare it to since the cleansing masque is also a masque, but they have a similar scent and are both organic and natural AND the Annmarie Gianni one is actually more expensive (maybe 25% more). So let's just say this is not a product I'd invest in when I have a better alternative that does more for my skin available.

Second product: Neroli Toning Mist (star rating pending)

I will change this review later, explanation below.

I LOVED this product. It came in a nice little spray bottle and I didn't count but contained maybe 30-40 spritzes (4 spritzes for the face, twice a day, good for 4-5 days). I have to say again that I just loved this stuff. It has such an amazing and gorgeous scent, very light. Feels great on the skin and really does tone the skin. Not recommended for dry skin but it definitely is (strongly) recommended for oily, normal or combination skin like mine.

The reason that I don't know how to rate it is because I checked and found that the only ingredient is organic neroli hydrosol and by searching around, I found that neroli hydrosol (not organic though I must mention) can be found for a small fraction of the price that this product is being sold for. So I ordered it and am waiting to compare the two to see if this one is different and better or just the organic same thing for a much more expensive price. Update to come once I receive and try the new product and try them out side by side.

((small update if you click HERE))

Third product: Herbal Facial Oil for Normal/Combination Skin (4/5 stars)

I've tried olive oil with castor oil for cleansing skin so I know that oil CAN work for any skin type. This one wasn't for cleansing though, it was as a moisturizer. That idea is new to me... I wondered: Won't it make my skin oily since I'm not washing it away? Well, it actually absorbs very well into the skin and the first time I used it, I swear my skin had this awesome little tingle of goodness.

The little bottle was a bit difficult to use and left me unsure of how much I should put on my face... I tried it in different quantities and different ways: a little with my moisturizer, a little alone, a lot. All of it was good! It does absorb very well into the skin as I wrote, but I have a pretty oily T-zone and preferred to use my regular moisturizer during the day (made for oily skin). Since I also have some really dry patches of skin, this was perfect as a night moisturizer.

This facial oil smells really nice and I quite loved it. Very earthy and "real". I really hate perfume and scents normally but I love the smell of nature and this was it.

Final evaluation of the sample kit: (4/5 stars)

The products are of very good quality and definitely worth trying especially for problematic skin types. I recommend trying out a sample kit that suits your skin type to see what you think of it, but I don't recommend buying the full sized product without trying a sample first. With the sample kit coming with a 10$ rebate, it's a no-loss option since your kit will have cost 0$ if you choose to buy any full sized product.

The only negative aspect of these products was the price. I find the cost to be out of reach for most people, especially when it comes to building a full skin care routine with this skin care line. To cleanse, tone, moisturize and treat your skin with Annmarie products, you'd be spending... well, it's really very hard to put a cost on it but I'm guessing over 1000$ per year. This may or may not be a problem for you though and you should adjust my stars accordingly.

For me, cost is a factor in determining my rating.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Julep June Mystery Box

I got my Julep June mystery box yesterday! This is the second box I receive from them but the first one that I actually pay for (well, I paid 1 cent for the first box). The mystery boxes that they occasionally offer cost 19.99$ (shipping included always) and you are guaranteed 60$ "worth" of products minimum and possibly products worth up to 200$. The polishes and other products you receive are a total surprise and you find out when you open it. 

I saw a bunch of posts and videos of people who got their June mystery box before mine and knew the colours that they were offering in this box and knew what the minimum box looked like. As soon as I saw my box in the mailbox, I knew it was the small one and that I'd gotten the minimum box. Here it is freshly opened: 

The box was not the usual black box written "JULEP maven" on it, probably because this box is actually available to everyone even if they are not subscribed to the maven program. It was a white box without any writing on it. Came nicely packaged with the signature ruffly crinkled paper and products in a paper bag, tied up with a ribbon, all of it matching of course. :) 

Shipping was not as impressive as the first time. I ordered it on June 9th, got a notice of shipment the next business day, the 11th and received it on the 19th. Took 6 business days total. Not bad at all.

Here's what I got: 

  • Julep SPF 15 lip balm (vanilla mint)
  • Fast Dry Topcoat
  • January described as a retro tomato red with a modern shine.
  • Amy described as a smoky turquoise creme.
  • Gayle described as a regal deep aubergine creme.
  • they threw in a nail file
My thoughts:

I've got mixed feelings about this box. I'm not outraged, insanely disappointed or upset about it at all but I'm not ecstatic either. Let's just say I'm pleased. 

First negative is that nail file... I don't think they consider it as worth anything in the box when it comes to reaching that 60$ minimum and they're right not to because it's not worth anything. Second negative is the colour January. It seems like a perfectly nice red colour and all, but with the name January, I feel like I'm getting a leftover holiday colour They could've named it June and I'd be loving it (I know, it's dumb). Third is the dark purple which also seems like a perfectly nice colour, but I get a "cold" feel from it and it just doesn't suit a summer box as far as I'm concerned. And the season for eggplants (aubergines) is August to October! Fourth, and this is my own fault 100%: I was hoping for one of the bigger boxes :P

Positive is that lip balm! I LOVE it! I have been putting it on every 10 minutes since I got my box yesterday, I freaked out when I couldn't find it for a couple hours. It just smells divine and feels nice and tingly fresh. I also love the colour Amy so much. I wear a lot of turquoise so this will be the first one I try. I'm very pleased with this colour and can't wait to try it. 

Overall value: 
14$ per polish totals 56$
6$ lip balm
0$ nail file
= 62$ total

The lip balm I actually would pay 6$ for but I would never pay 14$ per polish and I feel the prices are grossly inflated. That's not what I paid though and 14$ for 4 polishes (since I would be happy to pay 6$ for the balm) = 3.50$ each polish (or for Quebecers, 3.06$ plus tax) is more than worth it and makes me able to honestly recommend this product. 

If you are interested in trying it for yourself, the 1 cent promotion is still going on with the promotional code PENNY or COLOR2012 at checkout. Follow these steps: 

1) Go to 
Note that this is my referral link and that signing up with it will get me halfway to a free box, thank you for using it if you're planning on signing up. ;)

2) Take a quick style quiz to determine your profile.

3) Add the product to your basket.

4) Checkout. 

x-posted and dated May 25: Julep Intro Box

Here are pictures of the re-do of my Julep Maven unboxing. The cute pink paper bag was NOT all crumpled as it is in the picture. This is post-baby. :)
I found it very nice and professional packaging. The cards are a nice add on, telling me about the products included in my package and welcoming me to the Julep Maven programm. This was the introduction box for the profile "American Beauty".

Read my review of the box and if you're interested, the instructions to sign up and the promotional code is at the bottom of the post.

I got:
  • Eva nailpolish, described as a "juicy raspberry creme".
  • Renee nailpolish described as "spring lilac creme". 
  • Julep The Best Pedi Creme Ever! for exfoliating and hydrating the feet. 
  • They threw in 2 toe separators. 
Review of the box:

The nailpolish bottles are really cute and look nice. They look more fashionable and neat looking than regular bottles BUT 1) They are tiny at only 8 ml (0.27oz) and 2)  are susceptible to toppling over. 
The colours are interesting but these particular ones are not my style. I tried one of them on my toe nails and one coat covers enough to give the true colour of the polish which is very nice. It seems to apply pretty well but I have no experience with it and I totally suck at this stuff.

One thing I am iffy about is that the polishes are advertised on the website as being 4-free (free of 4 chemicals that are normally found in polishes that are toxic) but on the bottle, they are 3-free. It is better than a regular polish, but not as good as what I was expecting in terms of toxicity. 

Foot cream
Now the foot cream. It smells pleasant and my feet feel soft and nice after one light use so I guess it works and I like it! I'm not sure how it exfoliates... but that's OK, it still feels really nice and I will continue to use it. 

The toe separator is useful since I didn't have one and it was a nice surprise since it's not actually part of the box I was receiving. As far as I know, they often add in little extras like this and better. 

Customer service
I spoke to a customer service rep when she called me to confirm my address because it seems they didn't have my street name. She was extremely nice and professional so the experience was good.

Shipping to Canada
WOW is all I have to say! I made my order on Friday May 18th and was contacted about my address the very next business day, May 21. It was shipped May 22 and I got it today, May 24. It took 5 business days from the order to reception (Monday was a holiday here so for me it felt like 4 business days) and only took 2 business days from shipping to reception. It really boggles my mind how it arrived so fast for free shipping from the US!

I'm super pleased with my experience with Julep Maven so far. For 1 cent, this is more than worth it. For the regular 20$, I would need to have colours that I actually want in the package and with their feature of showing us what is in our intended box the 20th of the month before it's sent out, I can easily know whether or not I want it. I can also change to another profile if their box interests me, send it to a friend or flat out skip the month. I can also easily cancel at any time. Since it's so easy to skip a box (which I did for May since I wanted to see what this box was all about first), I will stay on the program for another while in hopes of having a box suggested to me that I really love. 

If you are interested in trying it for yourself, the 1 cent promotion is still going on with the promotional code PENNY or COLOR2012 at checkout. Follow these steps: 

1) Go to 
Note that this is my referral link and that signing up with it will get me halfway to a free box, thank you for using it if you're planning on signing up. ;)

2) Take a quick style quiz to determine your profile.

3) Add the product to your basket.

4) Checkout. 

They require a credit card and I can confirm that they only charged me the 1 cent as agreed. For the next month's box, they will email you with a preview of its contents on the 20th. If you wish to skip the box or cancel, you do so through your profile on the website between the 20th and 24th. If you like the products and don't respond, they charge you on the 27th and ship it for reception at the beginning of the month. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All the Beauty Box Options in Canada

I hope to have ALL of the options for Canadians looking into subscribing to a beauty box in this post.

Beauty boxes are so much fun! The way it works is that you sign up and for about 10-15$ per month (depending on which one it is, some are 20$ and seasonal boxes are more expensive with more samples), you get a box delivered to your door containing beauty products.There are different types of beauty boxes available from what I've noticed.

1) Boxes containing samples. (the original type of beauty box)

For some of these, you fill out a quiz about your skin type and colour and preferences and you get a box with a certain number of samples, which should generally be deluxe (travel size) ones from high end companies, though there are also less high-end companies included and emerging companies as well. And there might be a full sized product in there too sometimes.

You should get stuff worth a good deal more than your subscription price when you combine it all and you get to try a bunch of things you might not have tried- what you get is a surprise! I love surprises!

2) Boxes containing their own brand of products.

Basically, the box contains full sized products all of the same brand and same type from the company that is sending out the products. It's like getting a discount for being a returning customer and for giving them a lot of business. Like the beauty boxes containing samples, you get to try things you might not have tried but unlike the sample boxes, these are more specific types of products in full size.

3) Seasonal boxes

These boxes are sample boxes available normally every 3 months.

The boxes available for us in Canada

Category 1:

Note that the link above is my referral link and would give me points if you subscribe using it.

For 15$ per month you get a box containing 5-6 samples. There are lots of coupons online for 10% (1.50$) off your first box so look into that if you want to subscribe. They seem to be the most consistently positive box that is available (note: I consider Topbox unavailable)


For 12$ per month you get a box containing 4-5 samples. Glymm box comes with a make-up bag which is a cute little extra positive from them but the negative I've read is that the products are not personalized to the person's skin type or tone and they have a lot of little one-use samples (not deluxe). They don't seem to be among the most consistent beauty boxes but rate higher in containing more "high end" products.
Glymm has a cool thing available though. A man box for 25$ quarterly (per 3 months). I love the idea of this service but really my husband wouldn't go for that stuff. I have not checked any reviews for this quarterly box.

Beauty Box Five:
12$/month. It's not very popular yet since it recently came out but and seems to be getting mixed reviews. One common complaint was the size of the samples... There seem to be lots of little packets (which they add a couple of to make the equivalent of one real sample). 4-5 samples included in each box. Note that this is a USA box that ships to Canada.


Topbox is backlogged for a few months but you can still sign up now and get it whenever available. It probably has the best reviews of all the boxes and is the least expensive at 10$ (4 samples). It seems to come strongly recommended (there seems to be a good reason for the strong demand).

Category 2:

Julep Maven:
Note that the link above is my referral link and gets me halfway to a free box if you use and subscribe.

This is the only box that I'm subscribed to because of the amazing introductory offer for your first box for 1 cent. That's a pretty amazing offer and you can just cancel it as soon as your box has shipped without a problem if that's what you want.

  *Use my referral link if you decide to subscribe please!* code = COLOR2012

Julep is a company that does nail polishes (and nail care, also foot and hand care and they seem to be branching out with lip balms and glosses). There are 4 different boxes available each month that correspond to 4 different beauty profiles. You take a quiz at the beginning to determine your profile but can change it up at any time. This box is unique in that you see ahead of time what your box will contain. If you don't like the polishes available, you skip the box, send it to a friend or change profiles (or flat out cancel if you want to).

A box generally has 2 polishes and a product or 3 polishes and it's 19.99$. There are often additional gifts available like adding a polish of your choice or getting an additional item in your box as a surprise. They have a good referral program (2 referrals = a free box) and mystery boxes available every once in a while.
Overall, I really like the box personally but wouldn't pay 20$ per month, every month for just 2 polishes and a product. With the gift, the mystery boxes available and the possibility of a free box from referring, it's a neat little program.

Category 3:

Sweet Delight Divalicious:

It's a seasonal box with a variety of products like beauty, bath and style products. It goes for 26$ per box for 12-15 samples or more and includes full sized products. It says on the website that it's the longest-running samples box in North America and first one to Canada which is impressive! It has stuff that is mostly handmade or from smaller companies so not "luxury" brands but a lot o the time, to me, it's much more interesting and the quality is great in these types of items. You have to put your name on their newsletter to be made aware of the next box sale and you have to be on the computer ready to buy the minute they go on sale if you don't want to miss out. It's not a subscription box but a first come first serve every time and you get a sneak peak of the companies involved in the box to see if you're interested. I am SO on this mailing list!  

Luxe Box:

This used to be a monthly box but has become a seasonal box and is requesting people be members before allowing them to see the website... I find it weird. It wasn't getting very good reviews and it seems they are trying to save themselves by trying something different.The new quarterly box is 26$ (about twice as much as the monthly box they were offering) and offers only 1.5x the number of samples (of hopefully better quality than before seeing the additional cost. You can see my thoughts HERE (note that I don't have any first-hand experience).


Starlooks Starbox is exclusively make-up in full size and you get 3-4 products per box for 15$ but the shipping to Canada is just too expensive for me to post it above with Julep (which ships for free to Canada). It's really too bad because I would have tried this service. 
*update note* shipping not 15$ like I saw at the time. Could be worth taking a look!

Eco-Emi is a box with organic product samples. I find the shipping to Canada is just too much and I refuse to pay twice the amount that US members pay (30$ instead of 15$) so I'm not interested for that reason.

Blissmobox is a box with natural products which would qualify in the first category (except it's not only beauty products) if it only shipped to Canada. I mention it here only because it should be starting shipping to Canada "very very soon" according to their website. It's 19$ per month.

Conscious box, similarly to Blissmobox, is a box with natural products (and they have a strong focus on green and ethical businesses) gearing up to ship to Canada but not yet. Also 19$ per month.

Editted for better presentation and updates.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Eminence Sun Defense Minerals REVIEW

I have very sensitive skin, prone to redness, dry on the chin and cheeks, oily in the forehead... So not just any product will do and I've been trying different things to find mild, natural products that work for me. I tried a few samples from the company Eminence and bought this product which I'll review.

The company
A Hungarian company which makes 100% natural and organic skincare products


They make all sorts of products... A very wide range of skin care products for any skin type oily, dry, normal, also for conditions like acne or rosacea; from cleansers to tonics to moisturizers to masques to serums to eye and lip care to body lotions to sun defense products (like the one I will review). As far as I know their products are used in spas a lot - you can't find it in pharmacies.

Price range
I guess we can just put it in the high end range. My mineral powder brush costs 58$ online most places I saw (like amazon and 2 other skin care product websites) though my cousin sells it for less than that in her salon and I got 20% off as family rebate. The 60ml moisturizing creams are around 60$ I think and 60ml exfoliating masque I tried as a sample around 45$ I think. (to give an idea)

Go to their website to learn more if you wish.

Review of the SPF 30 Sun Defense Minerals

Basically the powder is inside this thing you see and after initial set up by pumping the back, we should not have to do anything to it except a few taps on the wrist to distribute the product in the brush. So it's very easy to use, all we have to do is apply it in small circles all over the face. For more coverage, we can apply it longer. 


The product comes in 6 shades from translucent 0 to cinnamon bronzer 5. 0 is for any skin and won't really show, 1 is for lighter skin in cool undertones, 2 for lighter skin in warm undertones, 3 for medium skin in cool undertones, 4 for medium skin in warm tones and I'm guessing by the name that 5 is mostly a bronzer. 

I tried both 1 and 3, both of which would have actually worked on me and ended up taking 3 since it gave a bit more colour and life. And my skin is pretty light. I'm thinking this wouldn't be a good product for darker skin.

Application and feel:

I really enjoy the product's easy application and I like the smell which also helps confirm that the product is coming out because we don't see it really when applying in an artificially lit bathroom. It's extremely light and I could honestly not feel it on my skin. It's described as hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory which for me is a big plus with my sensitive, red skin. I have to say, this product is just fusing with my skin to feel better than a freshly clean face and you don't get that with most powders. 

Sun defense:

This powder is supposed to be SPF 30. I went outside yesterday in the sun for quite a while and I got a pretty good sunburn on both my arms and my neck, but none on my face. So yes, it works! I will prefer to use sunscreen under my powder when I go out for longer periods of time, but that's just an added precaution I want to take. It's important to be protected from the sun even for small 10 minute exposures here and there which add up and this is perfect for that, or for someone who wears a large-brimmed hat for example. I can't say it's not just fine for longer more intense sun exposure because it was just fine when I used it yesterday, but I somehow feel the need for more anyway - maybe because it doesn't feel all sticky and yucky like sunscreen. lol


The coverage is light. It doesn't cover up everything like the reddest parts of the face. As someone who doesn't wear any make-up, I see a difference in that my skin is a bit more even and matte. 

How long will it last?

The product should last 4-6 months easily from what I've been told by people who bought it before me (and who use it daily). They've had it for a couple months and still have quite a bit left. It might last a bit less time during summer if you apply it multiple times during the day (and you should, like on lunch hour at work if you go out for a walk).


I'm very pleased with the product and I put it on every single day. This is the only make-up that is part of my daily routine. From trying 4 other products which I got samples of and reading about this company, I can say that I believe in what they're doing. I have nothing to "disclose" about my review because I bought the product with my own money. 

Introduction and Welcome

Hi and peace to you all,

My name is Candice and I'm a 25 year old mother of two from a medium-sized town near Montreal, Quebec (Canada). I'm an Anglo French-Canadian. I'm starting this blog to post reviews of beauty products that I try and discuss anything beauty-related like skin care, fashion or even body image. I'm very interested in skin care and quite interested in fashion and health. I also enjoy other ways of beautifying ourselves from tattoos to make-up to accessorizing and will certainly manage to include that in some posts, but it won't be my focus since 1) I don't have any tattoos of my own, 2) I don't wear make-up on a regular basis 3) I can't wear accessories like necklaces and bracelets and big rings because I have a young baby and he grabs EVERYTHING.

My goal for reviews that I do will be to be as honest as possible in the way I express myself. A lot of them will be samples and if that's the case, it will be said. If a product simply didn't appeal to my personal taste (like a smell I didn't enjoy), I will say it clearly so as to not give a negative review for something that is personal. If I am reviewing a product that I am not very knowledgeable about like nail polish (since I don't wear it *that* often), I will say it.

Hopefully I will manage to post *something* that will interest *someone*. Give me a sign of life if you're reading! I'll be happy to meet you.

Candice XoX