Monday, August 18, 2014

Gay Pride Parade Montreal and FOTD :)

Miaow, I love makeup :D 

It was 10am but I went for a look that, for me, is pretty "out there", having lots of shine on the eyes AND bright lips. I think I did a much better job than I normally do with eye makeup and I'm quite happy with how this turned out, even though in the end, with my glasses, it didn't give the full effect of the look... 
I think the next makeup skill I need to learn to do well is highlighting and contouring. 

A couple pics from the parade: 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Going Cruelty-Free

I want to make some steps towards going cruelty-free. For things not beauty related, I've been making small (tiny..) steps with my eating habits. I've cut my meat portions down and I try to eat cruelty-free (organic) eggs as much as possible. Today I'm trying to find a list of sustainable wild fish so that I can limit myself to only eating this fish, avoiding the farmed fish industry as well as harming the ecosystems and stuff by eating fish that is endangered or not sustainable. I seem to be on and off with my consumption of dairy products. Sometimes I buy rice milk, coconut milk, soy milk, flaxseed milk, some flavoured for the kids and alternate and for a couple weeks we drink just that... And then we go back to cow's milk. I guess it's an improvement over drinking ONLY cow's milk - I have to see the positive. I'm not a very drastic person so I couldn't do it all in one shot.

NEXT. Beauty products. I really really need to go cruelty-free. There are PLENTY of options for good quality cosmetics, even in different price ranges so really no need for me to buy products that have been tested on animals (directly or through its raw ingredients). It'll take a bit of effort to go cruelty-free on my shampoo since I always just purchase whatever is on special for my hair. I'll need to get informed.

Who here makes efforts to be cruelty free? What do you do? What are some tips or favourite brands or other ideas you can share? THANKS!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Wayne Goss brushes ordered!!

I don't even have anything real to share but I can't contain my excitement about ordering 4 of the Wayne Goss brushes just now!!! My brush collection is basically a 15-piece kit from elf, the eye set from Real Techniques and a few kabuki brushes so this order is really really something special! I hope I won't be disappointed because just these 4 brushes are worth more than 3x what I paid for the whole rest of my collection (about 25 brushes).

I really love Wayne Goss on youtube and based on that and the reviews... sounds like I can't go wrong. I just hope I picked up the right ones that I will love.

Brush 04 - a medium sized crease brush
Brush 06 - blending brush, but I also want to be able to use it for applying eye shadow to the lid
Brush 14 - elongated-shape and not too dense, I hope to like this for pigmented blush especially
Brush 11 - the largest "powder brush" by Wayne Goss... I mostly want it for that reason (powder) but it'll be nice to try for blush and foundation to see what it can achieve.

After 3 days of intensive research from reading the descriptions, reading a lot of blogs, watching a lot of videos on youtube... I decided on which ones I wanted to buy. I wasn't sold on every single brush of any of the sets (based on what they do and my own needs) so I went for a couple brushes that I feel more sure that I'd want to use often. 

When I set up my low-buy for summer 2014 (June to mid-Sept) I gave myself a 120$ budget... When I started wanting these brushes, I gave myself a 200$ish budget, convincing myself by saying it's about the equivalent of buying one full set, but that I'd customize it myself... I'm proud to say that I purchased fewer brushes than I originally thought and it was 124USD for these. I'm sad that this is my whole summer's budget though!!! lol I have a feeling I'm going to fail... Whichever brush of these I didn't have an equivalent for, I'll re-give myself the amount as my summer budget. Better fail with limits than fail like crazy! 

Have you tried these brushes, what did you think of them? Any link to a blog post or youtube video you made? 

Thanks for reading! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Julep Konjac Cleansing Sponge - Dry vs Wet

I just wanted to add to my previous review of the Julep Konjac Sponge (CLICK HERE to see original post) by showing what it looks like when dry and rock-hard vs what it looks like when it is wet.

I still love this sponge; it's part of my routine to use it every couple days so I got back-ups during a secret store sale. :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Easy Eyes - TIP

This is a good tip for people like me who have close-set eyes. Helps the eyes seem wider by adding some darkness on the outside of the eye so check it out:

I'm talking about step 4 in particular. Here is a full eye look from THIS BLOG in a language I don't understand:

Here's my "look" doing nothing else than step 4 for my eyes. No eye shadow on the lids, no liner, no mascara, just some matte brown shadow (Urban Decay Rewind I think from Vice 2) at the edges and I find it makes my eyes seem wider apart and more styled with this 30-second tip.

FOTD - natural look!

I have been going "bare faced" a lot lately. I'm not someone who needs to have makeup on every day but I do love makeup, so it feels great to do my face up a little bit! The goal here was a natural look even if it takes a lot of products to achieve! I think we all know that ;)

It features Etude House BB cream (not full coverage foundation), cheek and lip tint by ModelCo on both cheeks and lips, Urban Decay Naked Basics on the eyes (very very light look) and the Julep kajal eye glider (brown side) for my eyebrows. The most obvious makeup is the eyeliner, which is Milani liquid eye liner in purple. It looks almost black, but it's got some purple glitter and from close it's not as natural-looking as the rest of the face not only because of the purple glitter but also the wet shiny look, as this is a pencil with the look of a liquid liner. Not the best choice for the theme of my face but I'm still quite happy with it and I know it won't budge.

I timed myself for the fun of it because I normally do my makeup piece by piece as I get the kids ready, get myself dressed, etc. and I was alone this morning. It took 16 minutes. It's more than I thought! lol

Makeup Bag for a 1-month Vacation

Here is what I brought to Egypt with me during my 1 month vacation there. I'm not saying all my choices were the right ones though and I'll you what I personally would have done differently if I was leaving again right now.

List of products below is from the top left downwards, middle downwards, right side downwards finishing with the brushes.

Julep cleansing oil
Bioderma cleanser

Nivea (pot with pink top)

(eyes) Hard Candy
(face) Avon Magix
(face) Benefit Porefessional sample

Benefit Dandelion
Lippy Girl in Tongue in Cheek

NYC in Sunny

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye

Foundation (BB Cream):
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit

Eminence Sun Defense SPF 30 powder

Eye Shadow:
Quo Back to Basics
Wet N Wild trio

Benefit posietint
Maybelline Baby Lips
Revlon Colorburst laquer in balm in Demure
Revlon Colourburst matte balm in Elusive
Avon glazewear shine in darling pink
Sugarfresh balm

Tokidoki marker liner

Benefit They're Real

BRUSHES.... Well, it's just a variety of brushes for foundation, blush, bronzer, eyes...

After all this

I made a couple mistakes. First of all, I should have brought a better variety of lip products, because it always came down to a very natural balm or glossy look. A real lipstick and a more vibrant shade would've been useful for different looks for one month. Second, I brought the WRONG eyeliner. I wish I brought Urban Decay's 24/7 in Zero instead, which can be used on the waterline, and simply looks waaaaaay better than this one in all situations. That was a bummer. I also needed a setting powder or finishing powder.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Majorest HAUL ever!

... for me :)

I've got stuff from a year-long swap with 11 other ladies... I've got a few things I purchased in the USA (Milani and Jordana top right), a couple things by Flormar which isn't available here that I picked up in Alexandria, Egypt and I've got my Julep April box with add on and secret store purchase (top left).

I haven't tried everything, but I'm really enjoying my bath products by Lush... so fragrant and relaxing and beautiful and even exciting when it fizzles and stuff!

Also, I tried the Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment and liked it, at least so far. I also put on Julep Kayla and it was sheerer than I was expecting. I had to use 3 coats which I hate doing... I ended up not having quite enough time for it to fully dry so it looked a bit "off" the next day and wasn't as great as I originally believed. The colour is amazing (even in my crappy picture, top left purple-blue colour) but it wasn't that good with my unevenly dried nails. The Julep blush and bronzer are incredibly powdery, it's difficult to get the right amount on the brush - must be VERY careful. They still seem like good products though and I found gave a nice glow.

Urban Decay Naked Basics... Wow! I'm in love! The pigmentation is out of this world... the colours are not at all powdery and gross like some mattes can be. One shade is actually a bit shimmery surprised me but it fits perfectly! I really love this palette for the products and even packaging, how compact it is!

Physician's Formula 2-in-1 lash boosting serum liner. I really like this a lot! I have no idea about the serum, but this is a long-lasting, super pigmented black, thin eyeliner!

Hard Candy sheer envy primer... I tried a small amount on my hand when I got it - thought I probably got a bad batch or something. The stuff was PILLING on me!! But it seems that's just the way it is with the primer... Applied a bit more carefully a little at a time all over the face, it creates an even canvas for what's next to come and I'm actually LOVING this budget product. I totally recommend it!

MAC lipstick in creme cup. My very first MAC product!!! I'm so beyond words excited by this product! I've been wearing it constantly since I got the package upon my arrival from Egypt. I have a few lipsticks that I sometimes put on in the morning but I never ever bring them and reapply, I just kinda wipe it off when it becomes uneven and go with a gloss or tinted balm... Well, I have been carrying this product - I want it on my lips at all time! :D It's making me want to toss most of my lip stash away and start fresh with more MAC products. :)

I'll leave it at that for now!